Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!)
Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!)
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) is a collection of forty-eight of Lawrence Berger’s instant poems. He has performed some of the poetry on stages along the West Coast and in upstate New York. But what is instant poetry? Some of these intriguing works were created by the author based upon people calling out words and sentences at his interactive poetry readings. Upon hearing these audience contributions, he fashioned a poem built around them. Other poems in the collection were written around the event described in the poem. Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) offers a unique experience in poetry and creativity. Escape of the Lost Angel (for G. C.) Rising Like the phoenix from the cleansing flames. Demon hands clawing at the purest spirit to snuff out the light. He who summons tries in vain And the lost angel wings his way home. A chain forged of blood wraps itself around his skull. A last -ditch effort to keep his spirit bound yet, down though the centuries, it is his will that has been strengthened. The horns fall away And the lost angel wings his way home.
Bubble gum: Soft and warm between my teet an old lover returns sweet yet tangy inside my mouth as over and over she dances building ever more desire slowly she turns up the heat stoking the fire untill her passions no longer confineable she EXPLODES releasing the rapture of the moment and then She slides along my tounge for one more Tango
for complete info vist : or the Poetic conversations blog at : http//poetic you also might want to try the linked in profile at: or his new listing in the Poets and Writers Directory at: or get in touch through here at I universe!

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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