More Perfect by Design
More Perfect by Design
The Science of Designing More Perfect Business Processes
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Excellence doesn't just happen. It needs to be designed, and even the best designs can be improved upon.

That's something that Angelo Baratta, who spent more than thirty years leading more than a hundred projects for more than fifty organizations, discovered the hard way. While most of these projects succeeded, success rates were never as high as they should have been. This, he determined, was the direct result of the design of the business processes.

By mastering process design, organizations can achieve much higher success rates, and all stakeholders can benefit. With this guidebook, you'll learn how to improve performance by employing the Relational Process Model - a systematic approach to designing a business processes.

You'll learn:

  • the power of linking execution to strategy;
  • various strategies to make value visible;
  • how to measure and promote excellence;
  • ways to promote meaningful change;
  • many other methods to improve business operations.

It is essential to improve the design of business processes because organizations don't just deliver services - they are also where people spend a good portion of their lives. Connect strategy, processes, projects, and performance, and equip yourself with the tools you need to improve your organization with More Perfect by Design.

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Angelo Baratta is a business process designer and researcher with more than thirty years of experience in the business process engineering and project management. He hopes to help businesses by helping them improve their business processes. He lives in Ontario, Canada, with his wife and three daughters.


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