The H.A.L. Experiment
The H.A.L. Experiment
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Can an autistic child be cured of his disorder? What about his diametric opposite: the school bully? An innovative yet unscrupulous principal decides to find out. Choosing Lenny, the shut-down autistic child, and Hector, the undisciplined terror of the hallways, the nefarious Dr. Wikedda talks parents, teachers, and students into switching the lives of these two unsuspecting boys to see if they will turn into each other. Along the way, she discovers that Alice, Lenny's misfit friend, can play a vital role in the plot. Together these three students become the center of: The H.A.L. Experiment
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James Williams cowrote his first book, The Self-Help Gide for Special Kids, when he was only eight, and he made his speaking debut at the age of eleven. His first novel, Out to Get Jack, was published several years later. Now a sought-after speaker in his twenties, James enjoys traveling around the country presenting at autism conferences, schools, and support groups. This is his second novel. When he is not traveling, he lives in Northbrook, Illinois.

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