Christmas Island
Christmas Island
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Adventure along with talented, teenaged singing sensation Mandy Barrington as she experiences what most only dream about. Seeking to escape the blustery winter weather, Mandy is ready to celebrate the holidays with her family and friends in a tropical paradise. On her seventy-acre island, Mandy is welcomed by her special animal friends; she is glad to be home again. She enjoys the carefree island life as well as the more adventurous activities of the annual Christmas Cannonball Run car race, offshore powerboat racing, and hiking and camping in the jungle. Aside from ditching the very persistent paparazzi, the tropical retreat is just what Mandy had in mind. But days before Christmas, a crisis hits Mandy’s community. The local Santa Claus has disappeared, and authorities believe he’s been kidnapped. The locals ask Mandy, her family, and friends to use their connections to help solve this mystery. After a peek into Mandy's world, readers will be eager to know where her adventures will take them next.
Everyone dove out of sight from the snooping photographers, who were trying, undoubtedly, to earn a few extra dollars by snapping shots of Mandy and her family and friends. Sydney offered his opinion as well. “Go away. Go away,” he cried. Once the close-knit group got their second wind from the silly stalking, Nigel suggested, “Why don’t we all take my yacht out and go whale watching?” “Great idea,” Mandy said. Everyone grabbed a pair of binoculars, which they likely wouldn’t need since the whales came so close. They soon sailed off on the yacht. The pets came along for the spectacular sights as well. Hallie, Gabbi, and Mandy reached down and petted Sonny, Mona, and Tootsie as they swam beside the craft. Almost immediately in the distance they could see whale tails slapping the surface. Huge geysers of water grabbed their attention. “How cool is that?” Mandy called. It seemed as though the whale pod had joined together for Christmas, too. The “watchers” could see a host of baby whales with their families plunging below the deep blue surface of the water, only to break through the waves occasionally to give the sightseers a close-up view of their offspring. Everyone thought it was such a special day. When the whales departed, Hallie turned on some soft classical music and served after-dinner beverages. The group of friends and family members sat and watched a spectacular Caribbean sunset. They enjoyed sharing stories, real and fictitious, into the evening. Then night fell. A hush bathed the island. To match the brilliance of the stars, Christmas Island came alive with hundreds of tiny lights.
Katherine Timeoni works in sales. Christmas Island was inspired by her travel adventures. She lives in North Perry, Ohio.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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