A Prehistoric Odyssey
A Prehistoric Odyssey
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Every paleontologist dreams of studying live dinosaurs in their natural environment. There’s only one small hurdle in the way: sixty-five million years. But unlike so many of his peers, Matthew Carrington has real reason to believe he’ll be making such a journey to the far reaches of a bygone era. Now, thanks to a colleague’s major technological breakthrough, time travel has just vaulted from the theoretical to the possible. But before Matthew can experience such an adventure, problems arise: delays, politics, and greed plague the project. Against his better judgment, he chooses to stay on board. The result is nothing short of a disaster. Now, Matthew and his team are stranded in the past, where they have to deal with isolation, predators, disease, and their own shortcomings. Hopes of ever making it back to the Holocene are dwindling with each catastrophe they encounter. Total human world population: nine … and rapidly decreasing.
Although this could have been any part of North America, the scenery appeared alien. Everything from tall evergreens to the distant mountain range seemed out of place. The screeches and calls echoing through the undergrowth were of another era. The very air belonged to the past. At first, Matthew had believed that a substantial increment in oxygen level would be beneficial, making their bodies more tolerant to exertion, but he felt more giddy that perky. It was also affecting the rest of the team. They were growing careless and becoming rowdy as they proceeded, oblivious of their surroundings. Matthew heard something, of that he was certain. And they had ventured into treacherous terrain; steep slopes rising on either side were still wet with morning dew. Why had he not seen it before? He scanned the trees and the brooding skies overhead. It set his nerves on edge. There it was again; a rustle. It could have been a rodent scurrying in dead leaves, but Matthew sensed it was something far more ominous. He broke into a cold sweat. Something was very wrong here. The faintest of movement attracted his attention and he turned towards its source. There, poised between large bare trunks stood a nightmare. Black and tawny pebbled skin; short of snout and deep of skull; and two blunt horns jutting above the eyes. This couldn’t be! This could not be!
Marie Mai Perron graduated from Laval University with a degree in science and has been working as a hospital pharmacist for over ten years. Her medical background and interest in paleontology provide a solid foundation for her first novel. Perron currently lives in Montreal.

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