Corruption Made a School Principal into a Refugee
Corruption Made a School Principal into a Refugee
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Moses was the acting principal of a Catholic High School for many years and he went to England for further studies. He came back after his studies to take up his former post, but the man he entrusted the school to and imposed him on the school and the governing body refused to give up the chair. The man being an in-breed of the inner world of the Catholic Mission and his wife being the secretary general of the Catholic Women’s league has become a bone in Moses throat. The Catholic Mission is now firmly behind their own man against Moses a liberal catholic. Mr. Gabello has glued the mouth of every official with pregnant envelopes the cultural artifact and blood cancer in the country while Moses was away. Moses comes back and every door is now firmly closed before him, bribery has taken its toll. Moses returned to England to become a refugee but back in England, he is again overwhelmed by a succession of disappointments that never seem to come to an end.
“ He went into the kitchen to get some biscuits. She came behind him, squeezed her breast and Tommy on his back. Saybom could feel the warmth of her titts on his back. He could feel the beating of her heart. Hot blood ran down his veins. He turned round quickly, and she pulled her face away just in time to avoid a sensational kiss. She ran quickly out of the kitchen into the hall. She went and sat down where Saybom sat before. She took a book for the reading session. He still did not get the clear strong message she was sending up to now. (Page 57) Saybom misinterpreted this message and her intentions and he reacted negatively towards her. He forgot that that was the first time they were together and she could not share a bed with him right away which was understandable but Saybom failed to see the other side of the story. He ignored the negative side of the coin. The intimate conversations seized to exist and Saybom felt lonesome. He was in the hotel balcony looking down the spiral staircase to the foyer when a voice said to him “Women are gullible and they never mean exactly what they say. A no answer is not always a no but a test of your will and skills in dealing with her. Remember you are not in Africa where you can force a woman into submission’ (page85)
This book is about corruption and how it contributed to reducing the life of a happy forward looking man in charge of a school to a common refugee in England. Moses has had a rough childhood, and he never enjoyed his childhood. Amid his unhappy childhood, he has always dreamt of a happy adulthood. He had double promotion twice in the elementary school and went to high school one year ahead of his time because he past the high school entrance exam one year in advance. In the high school he never fell below the eighth position in a class of fifty. He graduated with his first degree from the local University. Moses went to England and he studied in five Universities and he graduated with two postgraduate diplomas, two masters degrees and two college certificates. He taught in Birmingham and then emigrated to the U.S. and he has been teaching science in Providence, Rhode Island since 1997.

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