Mind Over Fat Matters
Mind Over Fat Matters
Conquering Psychological Barriers to Weight Management
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Is your BRAIN sabotaging
your efforts to

Don’t automatically blame your failure to achieve fitness goals on a lack of willpower. The real culprit might be your brain!

Mind Over Fat Matters: Conquering Psychological Barriers to Weight Management reveals why typical weight-loss programs fail…and how to design a lifestyle that works for you instead of against you.

Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez explains that most diets are self-defeating because their restrictive and dissatisfying natures cause the brain to rebel. Mind Over Fat Matters gets you started on a healthier, more balanced path to achieving your personal weight-loss goals. Most importantly, it provides you with the crucial link that almost all fad diet programs are missing: the psychological tools to sustain your progress in the long term.

Practical and easy to understand, Mind Over Fat Matters lays out a step by step plan for transforming the way you think about food and fitness, tackling your unhealthy habits at a pace that’s acceptable and sustainable, and overcoming your brain’s natural resistance to lifestyle change.

It’s time to leave restrictions, self-blame, and disappointment behind…and move forward on a purposeful and permanent path toward health and leanness!

Now we’re ready for step-by-step instructions for eliminating one of the biggest psychological barriers to successful weight management: obsession with food. We’ve already explored how we can become obsessed in the first place. We can become too focused on food when we put weight or eating in too central a position in our lives, when we set rules about food, and when we are psychologically deprived of the foods we like. What we want is to be content with ourselves, enjoy our daily lives, enjoy food, be active individuals, and be lean, fit, and healthy. Does it sound like too much to expect? It’s not. We can have all these things and it’s not even that difficult to achieve as long as we accept the Laws of Life. The Laws of Life are like the Law of Gravity. They are fact, not theory. No matter how much one tries to get around them, it simply is not possible. What are the Laws of Life? They are:

• True happiness requires self-acceptance.
• Physical health requires regular physical activity and eating quality foods.
• Inherited physiological limitations of the body cannot be conquered. Attempts to do so result in ill health (physical and mental), loss of control, and can be fatal.
• Perfection is impossible.
• Everyone is unique.
• Patience, consistency, and compassion are virtues that lead to success.

DR. LAVINIA RODRIGUEZ is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of eating and weight disorders. For more than 30 years, she has observed how people set themselves up for failure through unrealistic diets and exercise programs, as well as through buying into out-and-out scams designed to take advantage of individuals who seriously want to improve their health and lives.

She’s the author of Mind Over Fat Matters: Conquering Psychological Barriers to Weight Management which deals primarily with the mental aspects of weight loss. The book addresses everything from how to keep your mind from sabotaging your weight loss intentions to selecting a plan that sets you up for success instead of perpetuating the yo-yo syndrome of weight loss and gain.

Dr. Rodriguez is a dynamic keynote speaker and regularly speaks to audiences on topics relating to food, weight and eating problems. She’s also a recognized expert in the media and is regularly interviewed by television, radio and print outlets.

Her blog at www.FatMatters.com, features dozens of articles on a variety of psychological topics meant to help people resolve their psychological barriers with food and weight.


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