King Chance’s Epic Adventure
King Chance’s Epic Adventure
A Boy’s Tale
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Chance was only two years old when the Poormans discovered him asleep on a grassy mound just outside the polluted industrial city of Littleton. They searched high and low for the boy’s parents, but to no avail. When no one claimed him, they accepted him into their lives and loved him as their own.

Despite the Poormans’ kindness, Chance lives a miserable life. At seven years old, he is small for his age—the smallest boy in first grade, as a matter of fact—and his peers picked on him mercilessly. Lonely and abandoned, Chance has nothing but his size and the mysterious clay amulet that was around his neck when the Poormans found him to help him learn who his birth parents really were.

His circumstances seem hopeless. Little does Chance know, however, that Mrs. Poorman’s strange meeting with a mysterious street merchant who clomps when he walks will change his life forever. Their meeting is no coincidence. Later, the same merchant leads Chance through a portal to another world—Chance’s home world, the magical place in which he was born but cannot remember.

As Chance explores this once-peaceful land, his adventures lead him to many wondrous creatures and bring him unbreakable friendships and the opportunity to fulfill his destiny to save this world from a dark and treacherous evil.

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Lorie Hagen lives with her husband and son near Austin, Texas, where she and her family enjoy the local cuisine, company, and weather year round.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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