Divine Healings
Divine Healings
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Divine Healings is a guide to the world of true divine healing and deliverance. From a holistic point of view, man is dissected and evaluated to establish truth based on scriptures on how disease, illnessm, and other ailments trespass into our physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. I encourage, provoke, and empathize with each individual to take hold of this sword sharpened with experience, knowledge and revelation and use it to once and for all eradicate trespassing, disease, illness, and conditions that are presently inhabiting your bodies and emotions. Come feast, endulge, and share the table of meant that through me, God has prepared for his children. It is time that we as Christ’s joiny heirs walk in our fate of divine health and represent the glorious kingdom of God.

People for many years have struggled with being completely healed. The major problem is knowing the process of being released from the pains if life in order to receive the promise. Divine Healing is a book delivered to you by God that calls you to action in becoming the person God created you to be. This book is a must read for everyone who want us to see deliverance.

-Larry Campbell, Co-Assistant Pastor of Bible was Cathedral of Danville Re-Elected to the Danville-City Counsel

This book will help the layperson understand depression, the medical that affects the body, mind, and spirit. While the medical community generally acknowledges the role of spirituality in healing. Especially in the psychological arena, it is often treated as “other” and place on a metaphorical shelf with other treatment options that require an unconventional referral, like acupuncture. Yolanda Ceasar, as a clinical professional, former patient, and Christian minister, helps pave the way for her fellow believers to heal these integrated parts of our existence from every angle at once-not just by faith or any other seemingly disparate modality alone.”

-Dr. Pamela Heathm D.O. Physician Muslin Depression-free for 18 years
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As an ordained Elder through the Embassy Church International, 14 years of ministry has given me experience in true healing and deliverance first hand. Depression is a very familiar illness being I suffered from it silently for 12 years. A year of antidepressant therapy did nit fix the core or root of my illness, nor did it relieve the symptoms of a sorely vexed spirit. It was during this period of death that I realized what life, healing, and true deliverance meant to God for my life and the lives of others. Currently a resident of Greensboro North Carolina, founding and operating Ceasar Investments LLC had given me a new passion and purpose to educate others in holistic living. A register nurse with over 14yrs in the field of nursing gave way to insight to the development of Peace Have Health Systems, Peace Haven Personal Care services and other business that I own and operate.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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