We Also Serve
We Also Serve
A Family Goes to War
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Finally, a book for parents of the deployed….

We Also Serve: A Family Goes to War chronicles the impact of the two most controversial wars of our time on a mother, her marriage, and her family. In 2004, Nanette Sagastume’s son is sent to Fallujah, Iraq with the same battalion, company and platoon that his father served with in Vietnam. To a degree not possible in previous global conflicts, advanced technology virtually plunges Nanette and her family into real time war, where the double-edged sword of instant information can bring both agony and relief. When a suicide bomber attacks the platoon, the family suffers through the experience with painful memories, faith, and courage.

In We Also Serve, Nanette shares the emotional turmoil of having a son join the military just before the country is catapulted into war. She recalls in intimate detail the toll the war took on her relationships with her husband, family, and friends. Most unexpected was the impact of the war on her husband and his Vietnam veteran friends, who relived the stress, anxiety and anger they had tried to leave behind. When two generations of warriors come together, the tale becomes one of hope and healing.

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Nanette Sagastume is the wife of a Vietnam War U.S. Marine and the mother of an Iraqi Freedom Marine. In 2001, she founded a local support group for military families. Since retiring as a nurse practitioner, Nanette has maintained a practice as a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. She lives in Chico, California with her husband, Mario. They have four grown children and an expanding number of grandchildren.

For more information, go to www.wealsoserve.net
What incredible insight into military families and the reality of what they face with their spouses commitment to serving our country. How important this book is to showing the relationship between the love of our country and love of family. Great work, Nanette, really great work.

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