The Legend of Frankie and Smoosh
The Legend of Frankie and Smoosh
a never ending love story
Perfect Bound Softcover
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An unconditional love story of two former classmates, a boy ( Frankie ) and a girl (Smoosh ) finding each other, losing each other and finding each other again. For more than 44 years Frankie kept trying to find a way to stay together. The unconditional love Frankie has for Smoosh, keeps them trying to find their destiny.

Neal L. Gagliano Jr, author of The Legend of Frankie and Smoosh a never ending love story. This is a true love story between a girl who I briefly met as a child, then again in high school. After living in different location and marriages, we found each other 25 years later at our class reunion. Being engaged for a short time and losing each other because of distance, reunite once again before our 40th class reunion. Although still a distance apart, we are trying to find ways of getting our lives together.

As we were driving up Curtis Avenue hill, Smoosh pointed out a small park off a dirt road to our right. She asked. Do we have time to check it out? I said we had a little time left. We really didn't, but I wanted every second I could with her. It was just a short drive to this park. It was beautiful. It was like a small part of Heaven. It had a pond, an Apple tree, a cute little gazebo and surrounded by trees. We got out of her car, then Smoosh went to the Apple tree and climbed. I followed her and also climbed. I think it was a crab apple tree, the apples were small. I pulled one off and threw it at her. She counters attached by throwing one at me. We had an apple fight for a while. Then I noticed the time and said we really should go. Smoosh jumped off the tree and waited for me to come down. When I jumped, I ended with one foot in the trash can. I didn't see it. She's laughing at me again. I was a little embarrassed, but I always laugh myself. I was thinking, she must think I am some kind of a cluck. Kathy took hold of my hand and we walked to the Gazebo. There we hugged and kissed. This was Heaven. I am with the girl I secretly loved in high school, twenty five years later. This was Eternal. I didn't want to go.

Neal Gagliano was born in Jamestown, New York. Growing up to the sounds of The Beach Boys music, left Jamestown in 1978 to follow his California dream. Neal lived in Arizona for a while before continuing his California dream. Neal settled in Huntington Beach, California in 1989. The Beach Boys music gave dreams of beaches, surfing, warmth and beautiful scenery. Looking for a Californian Surfer girl, never expecting she’d be from Jamestown, New York as well.

While in California Neal bought a surf board and taught himself to surf. Neal enjoyed life on the beaches of southern California with surfing, beach parties and friends.

Working for a hydraulic machinery manufacture in Los Angeles, Neal also worked with Universal Pictures in buying hydraulics needed for movies as, Dantes Peak, the Fugitive and the Little Rascals.

Neal has two beautiful daughters, Lisa and Nina and six loving grand children Celeste, Hayden, Sage, Angelo,Sofia and Rain all living in Arizona.

After realizing that he may have lost his true love forever, Neal was convinced to leave California and settled in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2005 where he still resides.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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