Beyond the Rainbow
Beyond the Rainbow
God’s Hand at Work
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Author Blanche Brideau believes that angels walk among us every day. In her compilation of faith-filled stories based on true events, Brideau illustrates the power of faith, intuition, and God’s unconditional love for each one of us.

In a world often filled with pain, injustice, and grief, it is still possible for people to experience great comfort, often in miraculous ways. With the wish of placing a seed of hope in the hearts and minds of those who may live with doubt, Brideau offers a glimpse into the lives of real people who struggle with complicated issues and somehow manage to find reassurance through their faith. From the mother who gives birth to a tiny girl with challenging health problems to the innocent wish of a little boy to a stranger’s love for a hungry child, Brideau allows others to witness the miracle of what love can do—even in the most dire of circumstances.

Beyond the Rainbow: God’s Hand at Work is an inspiriting compilation of essays that encourages others to explore their own spiritual journeys in an entirely new way.
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Blanche Jeannine Brideau grew up in a small town in Northern New Brunswick as the sixth of twelve children. For several years, she worked in the health industry in Canada’s Northwest Territories, but she now lives in Ontario, where she continues to write and volunteer in her community.
Fantastic book , very well written, heartfelt and moving. A very easy read , I could not put it down.I loved every story
Theresa Roy 
i was moved to tears while reading this book. the stories were very well writen. these stories fill in a lot of blanks in my own life. as a younger sibling i had never known all these stories.
edward brideau 
This book is very inspirational and thought provoking. I found the author to be concise and clearly able to get her message across. Very enjoyable and positive.
Persa Kovich 
This book is one of many inspirational books I've read. I find it is so simple and grounded, that it makes you want to read it over and over again. It opens your heart and helps you see that in every situation there is always a way out no matter what , never give up.... simply beautiful , very inspirational. Looking forward to your next book ;)
Colette Comeau 
When I approach any book outside of a business document, I want to feel each word. This was possible with Beyond the Rainbow. These stories represent and record a time now behind us and give us insight into foundation. Our passage in life remains similar to others and yet unique. The wonders of a sixth sense and its source continue to cause either doubt or belief.

The religious association within the text is respected. I believe with organized religion we are often dissuade and at the same time I truly believe no one denies God. Sometimes the recognized structure taught us is indeed the vehicle by which we benefit.

In my life I have experienced actions of spiritual clairvoyance. Perhaps everyone does. The sharing in this book should encourage others to recognize the experience with contentment. This book is a delight with a genuine subtext of love throughout.

~Ron Waddling

President Brighton Arts Council

Ron Waddling 
I spent a Sunday reading this lovely book...did not want the stories to end. A warm, comforting and delightful read...........
kathy shannon 
This book felt like a warm hug. How lucky to have been surrounded by such loving individuals. It was a great read.
K Shannon 
This is a beautiful read into the lives of average people with not so average blessings and gifts from the Holy Spirit. Very inspiring,because the stories are real.Thanks to the author for sharing. More to come I hope.
Susan Grant 
I totally love this wonderful book..It was such a warm and moving book.. I didn't want it to end..The stories so kept my interest. I only hope this author has much more writing to give..
Linda Mitchell 
I read it start to finish in two days, it was so hard to put down. This book is an amazing look into the past and present hardships of life, and how faith knows no boundries when we believe. I cried like a baby, and thanked God immediately for the beauty of all his blessings.
Dawn Niemi 
Very heart warming and inspirational...I read it all at one sitting!
Joan Halpenny 
An excellent read for all generations. It is an elegant, inspiring story that captures how the numinous interacts and elevates us from our mundane life. I would definitely recommend this one for your library.
Angie Quinn 

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