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Zoe Anderson is out for revenge. With the help of an elaborate plan, Zoe has just faked her own death in order to pay back her abusive ex-husband, Doug, for all the anguish he has caused her. But in order to carry out her vengeful scheme, she must rely on help from a mysterious stranger. As she heads to a seedy part of town to meet him, Zoe is uncertain if he can help her with her dark request. Zoe wants to become a vampire.

After the stranger leads Zoe to Tobias, a two-hundred-year-old vampire, Zoe decides she has no choice but to move forward and sacrifices her life. Fueled by her nightmares and the bloodlust in her eyes, Zoe immediately immerses herself into manipulating her ex-husband into thinking he is going crazy. As she sneaks, spies, and tortures the man who stole her children, she fights her hunger for blood, even as she develops feelings for the mysterious stranger who has not left her side since the day she met him.

In this urban vampire tale, a scorned woman eager to shed her emotional scars soon learns that being gifted with supernatural powers may come with a price.

Standing behind only large trees, she snuck closer and closer to the funeral that had the whole town gathering in one place. Once she got close enough to see and hear some of the conversations and see some of the faces clearly, she stopped. Thankfully it was behind a very old, very huge weeping willow that was probably older then the town its self. She couldn’t help but pat the old tree as it swayed as sadly as the people that whimpered and cried in front of her.

The girl looked through the crowd to the casket only catching glimpses of it as people paid their respects. It was a beautiful nice dark colored wood with what looked from where she hid as shiny brass handles and hinges. It was a closed casket, which the girl seemed happy about. The flowers that covered the chairs and casket were beautiful white and lilac colored orchids surrounded by baby’s breath.

A break in the crowd let her see the invitation to this funeral. It brought tears to her eyes as she read it quietly.

Zoe Anderson

Born Feb. 3, 1976

Died Oct. 4, 2009

A Mother, A Daughter, A friend.

She looked past the sign to see a woman and a girl sitting up front. Even from behind, she recognized them.

“I’m so sorry mom.” Zoe whispered to herself. It killed her to see her mother and sister broken because of her. “I wish things could’ve been different. This is just the way it has to be.” She said composing herself. She was doing a pretty good job of it until her sister turned to say hello to someone sitting behind her. That’s when she noticed her sister, her best friend, her confidant sitting there with swollen eyes, tore up because her sister who she thought was dead was there getting ready to be put in the ground. This would be the time Zoe would comfort her telling her it would all be okay. Zoe turned around with her back to the tree trying to pull her emotional state together before running out there screaming “I’m not dead! I’m not dead!” She took a few dozen large breaths before watching again.

After she wiped away the tears, Zoe noticed many people she went to school with who were paying their respects. It was laughable seeing how many of them showed up. Most of them she never talked to. The absolute funniest was the high school football jock that ruled the school back in the day. He showed up in the same letterman’s jacket he wore in school. It amazed her how some people just don’t ever change.

The service was starting and people were taking their seats. Once they were all filled, people lined up behind the chairs. The stragglers made their presents known when the heads started to turn.

“I don’t believe it! What the hell are they doing here?” Zoe noticed a group of five that was considerably later then all the rest. Her eyes widened and her anger topped. The entire reason for doing what she had done was because of those three little kids standing there looking at the coffin that they thought held their mother.

Vicky St. John was born in Fresno, California, and grew up at the North Pole in Alaska. An avid vampire enthusiast, Vicky currently lives in Alaska with her husband, three children, and her ever-faithful Dragon, where she is working on the sequel to Tainted.

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