The Truth Is...
The Truth Is...
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This book is a collection of poem that really sincerely express how I view my life, this world, and the people in it.

I dedicate this book to the future. The future of America. The future of the world. The future of every boys and every girl. I also dedicate this in loving memory of falling soldiers do to the war in Iraq, the tsunami and the hurricanes. As well as, my guarding angels Aunt Jessie Mae, Aunt Henrietta Aunt Lucile Mrs. Mildred, Dean Goldsby, Cousin Dorothy Mae, Mome, Daddy Hoesa and, Ronnie. I miss ya’ll so much but I thankful for everything you ever taught me. And to their family and friends reading this book, I pray that supernatural blessings rain down on your lives for years to come. Amen

MIRROR, MIRROR Mirror, mirror I can’t look at you Cause if I do I know, I would see All da pain in me In my eyes All da tear stains On my face My dad’s face Cause everybody tells me I look just like him And that’s kinda scary Cause maybe I might be Angry, like he was When I was growing up Not knowing when He was going to blow up About something that happen In da past And I was to scared to ask Dad why are you so violent? Or rather, Who or what, made you this way? What was your childhood like? Is it cause of what you witnessed in the military? Is it hereditary I mean It seemed to be No in between to me He went from playful To hateful I’m talking Zero to sixty And on top of that I’m not walking I’m in a wheelchair And so da only time I look at you Is to do my hair And brush my teeth WHO AM I (WHAT AM I) Who am I I’m still tryin’ To figure out But I do know I’m a woman Who has doubts And insecurities Due to my body And society lookin’ at me Like I chose to be Like this Like I should not have been born Like I’m a sideshow Who’s gettin’ ready to perform So my heart is a little Luke-warm Towards da world Sometimes And sometimes I feel like sayin’ Kiss my butt But What would that show A person that I wouldn’t Wanna get to know And so That would defeat da purpose And I do have a purpose For bein’ here I’m just not exactly clear Of who Or what That is Yet I AM I am Frustrated And hate it Cause I don’t Want to be This way With Cerebral Palsy But I am Damn And because of it I am. . . Angry All of the time And sometimes. . . I don’t give a care . . Who gets hurt. . . By my mood swing Cause it’s not fair That My body doesn’t work Like it should So I am depressed About da way I have to be Everyday I just Am And I pray That if There is A tomorrow For me To see Then I would be Okay Cause today I Am Not CREATED We have created A hypocritical World A stereotypical World We have Become mesmerize And hypnotize By da diamonds And pearls We are poisonin’ Our boys and girls With some of da stuff We have exposed them to But that’s not what God created us to do That’s not His plan That’s da devil’s, man And man he is smilin’ Cause we’ve been wild ‘n’ out And we’ve seem to forgotten What God’s plans is for us And that’s not a plus Cause we’ve created A monster I’M GRIEVING I’m grieving For the murdered I’m grieving For the missing I’m grieving For those Who were suppose To be paying attention And not to mention Tell the law What they saw We’re in Hell And it’s our fault We’re still caught up In celebrities To protect our babies It’s crazy But true We need to do Something We need to pray For peace And Guidance To bring an end To all this violence All over the world Against our boys And girls Against our brothers And sisters Against our mothers And daughters Because it’s my belief Since we caused This grief We should End it

I have lived in Arkansas for most of my life. And shortly after I graduated from North Little Rock West Campus in 1997. I enrolled both in and Institute of Children’s Literature corresponding courses and proudly received diplomas in 2001.


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