Poems, Songs, and Reflections
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Poet Laith Biltaji began writing songs and limericks in his head as a child, only committing them to paper later, as a teen. While he draws his inspiration for his poetry from everyday occurrences in his life, it was after reading Michael Crichton’s book Travels that he decided to compile a collection of his poems and divide them into four categories: journeys, love, people, and songs.

Biltaji’s poetry is the product of his personality, which stems from both Middle Eastern roots and global exposure. It is a deconstructed, chronological documentation of his journey through early teenage years, adolescence, and adulthood, documenting influences, people, and his never-ending search for the understanding of life and the supernatural experience of love.

His new poetry collection, Inspirations, takes a peek at the inspirations that have shaped his life from his teen years to the present. The poems capture and crystallize the different levels of awareness that he has experienced over a period of twenty-five years. It is that distant region within him and in this world that he has endeavored to uncover and that comes alive in Inspirations.

-Now Here- I will not allow life to take me for a ride I am not a passenger stuck inside I am not the Hitchhiker with his thumb stretched out I am not a driver wandering about I am not the vehicle, train or plane I am not the road, path or lane I am the journey I am the experience I am the autopilot with a choice I am the announcing voice That sets the course for wherever I choose to be In Illusion or reality In all my capacity As a dreamer and a creator I am my life’s narrator I refuse to be taken for a ride I am the IN and the Outside Of all the things that I see and touch And all the others that I cannot appreciate as much I am the trip towards and from I never go anywhere but I always arrive At the same moment that I choose to decide Where it is, I am right now Within this globe or on any sphere I am everywhere I am everywhere But I choose to be, Now Here. -Love and Honesty- The Truth shall set you free, but it can also tear you apart A rare virtue such as honesty complicates all matters of the heart For when you are in Love, the world is full of joy in every moment And when you embrace that Love, part of your pleasure is your torment Is it the pain we crave to be assured of our passion? Or is it the joy of togetherness in itself an emancipation? Joy, mirth, delight, pain, heartache and suffering Are all but a few of Love's offering? -Thoughts of You- Wooden Floors cool my feet Fireplace in my heart When our eyes meet I am so torn apart A breeze blows through the door Food Stains on my shirt The urge for more I wonder will it Hurt Music plays, halting time Flashbacks, my present and her past Kisses that chime Dreams, will they last? Pleasures beyond Imagination Fingertips down my spine Total Vulnerability and Emancipation Liberty of the body, enslavement of the mind Whiskey Kisses soothing me My spirit is elated and high My body seems to fail me Her embrace hinders my cry A day’s plights distract me At least, those were my thoughts Reality hits hard and bites me I need her, I have no doubts Her presence again surrounds me Her eyes are the moon’s delight Redemption; will she allow me? This time, this once, this night Lullabies, sung to pace her heart Caresses to her feet As she sleeps, I depart Alone in the dark empty street The thought of her brings me joy Her voice makes me quiver I am in love, but a little boy Though miles away, I ache and shiver -Your Song- Your Sparkling Eyes, As the sun begins to shine Your skin so soft and smooth And the smell of Fresh-cut green grass still fills my nose And my soul is alive Your auburn hair Flies with the wind everywhere I hear your voice, Like an angel it soothes And the smell of fresh-cut green grass still fills my nose And my soul is alive My racing heart, as I touch your hand, My trembling lips, As we kiss, My eyes are closed And the smell of Fresh-cut green grass still fills my nose And my soul is alive
Laith Biltaji currently lives in Jordan.

Poems, songs and reflections

Laith Biltaji

In Laith Biltaji’s debut “Inspirations” a collection of poems, songs and reflections the words reach you in an effortless style yet leave you reflecting and contemplating the diverse realities we live in at different levels of consciousness. His words are our own dissected, fashioned and molded in a synergy of the simple and intricate; feelings that we all identify with but fail to express or communicate.

The poems unveil the ambiguity of our feelings and inject life in our thoughts as a fresh misty breeze in a wavering sail. Laith shares his personal experiences in a temporal world and offers his impressions many of which we may not muster the courage to articulate.

Laith presents an array of delightful poems with ethereal lightness. He strings words that echo our feelings, passions, fears of loneliness not aloneness, trepidation, and anxiety into a collage of songs, poetry and poignant reflections, some hitherto not contemplated.

Exhilarating reading I simply could not put the book down.

Nabil Audeh
Nabil Audeh  

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