Darkness into Light
Darkness into Light
A Post World War II Sequel & Thriller
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Even though the ferocious battles of World War II have concluded, the world is unfortunately not a safer place. The iron curtain has dropped in front of Eastern Europe, Josef Stalin is focused on world domination, and United States Army nurse Jennifer Haraldsson is on a mission to find her former patient and foe, German POW Otto Bruner. Once attracted to Otto until wartime secrets divided them, Jennifer must know the truth. Does she love him or not? After Otto is transferred to a detention camp in West Germany, he remains devastated by the loss of Jennifer and witnessing the post-war destruction of his beloved Germany only makes it worse. Desperate to win Jennifer back, Otto summons his friend Ernst Peiper to help, but they soon discover they are being targeted by a group of Nazi extremists and must be transferred to another camp. But Otto is ready to risk everything for love and escapes off the transporter truck into the dark of the night. In a last-ditch effort to rendezvous, Otto and Jennifer throw caution to the wind and cross into the other's territory, never realizing that their unsettled world is much more complicated than they ever imagined.
Molly turned, saw Jennifer, and nodded. She was lugging a big duffel bag. Soon, the two were hugging and exchanging greetings. After a moment, Jacob approached. Seeing him out of the corner of her eye, Molly pointed a thumb at Jacob but maintained her gaze at Jennifer. "What's he doing here?" Molly growled. Jennifer just shrugged, but Jacob jumped in.
R. Samuel Baty earned his Ph.D. in Engineering from UCLA. Now retired from the United States Air Force and the science industry, he is currently an adjunct professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and an avid reader of World War II history. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife, Linda.

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