Immortal Touch
Immortal Touch
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Asael was once a man. Now he drinks blood merely to stay alive. Once a strong warrior who failed miserably in a mission and subsequently killed his evil master, Asael is now haunted by his memories. Others of his kind surround him—Mordecai with his gentle nature, Nafretiti with her passionate spirit, and Cain with his ancient wisdom. But when their resting place is attacked and their coven left broken, together they stand on the cusp of death, prepared to change the face of humanity forever.

From the pristine society of Rome to the filth-ridden dystopia of modern times, dark-hearted friends Asael and Mordecai have always tortured or cured the frail society of humans at their disposal. But while Mordecai seems to becoming more human, Asael fears he is becoming more cold and methodical. As centuries pass, empires crumble, tyrants rise and fall, and humanity falls into poverty and decay—all thanks to an evil aristocrat. When Asael decides to hunt down this blue-blooded tyrant, he soon discovers that sometimes all is not what it seems.

Immortal Touch follows an ancient vampire’s journey through a shadowy life filled with blood, death, and dark sympathy for the humans he encounters.

… I marveled at the heavy object that sealed the room. My claws rose to touch the surface, feeling the smooth grain as I slid my hand downward, caressing the work done to the wood. My mind became filled with regret as my arm tore through the door, breaking it into splinters as I entered the den of a vile beast.

Even more extravagant linens and silks adorned the walls of this latest chamber. Bright reds and blues danced into my eyes as I gazed around the room, scanning for my potential prey. Among the various bodies within the room was a very angry German lord, his enraged obscenities becoming muffled by the swooning and screams of the wonderfully naked maidens that filled his chamber.

My pupils must have swelled into the glowing violet gems that expose my bestial nature, for the angry lord immediately dropped to his knees once he gazed upon them.

“Dear God, who art in heaven … please protect me from this demon,” said the Lord, his hands making the cross as I lurched toward him, my hands grabbing his collar and hoisting him up into the air like a ragdoll.

“No amount of prayers can save you now, my lord …” I said as I brought him closer to my lips.

Ethan Peasley has always enjoyed reading vampire novels and fairy tales that feature supernatural predators. He began writing fiction in high school and since then has written for a variety of publications. He currently lives in New Hampshire, where he works and is preparing to attend college.


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