Shadows of Time
Shadows of Time
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Twenty-seven-year-old Ariana Ross has not had an easy life. Orphaned at two after her parents are murdered, she is raised by her father's family in Queensland, Australia. Ariana-who embraces spirituality and refuses to believe life is against her-eventually becomes a physician. Now, as Ariana heads to new beginnings at a medical practice in Gumbirra, Queensland, she hopes to broaden her horizons, tend to her patients with the help of God's love, and leave her past behind. She has no idea how many surprises await to change her life forever.

After relocating, Ariana encounters Zane Lombardi, a handsome, angry stranger who leaves her heart thumping. It is only after another chance encounter with him that she realizes he is an emotionally scarred man who has lost his trust in women. Even so, the pair are so attracted to each other that it seems destiny dictates the potential for a relationship. As Ariana forges new friendships and heals her patients, Zane must reconcile his past as well as his relationship with God as he looks toward the future.

In this contemporary Christian tale, Ariana finds that her quest for a new beginning seems to be leading her to not only love, but also to an amazing discovery that may bring her inner peace at last.

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Crystal Mary Lindsey is a retired registered nurse with specialties in emergency medicine and mental health. She enjoys sharing her inspirations of walking in faith in order to inspire and encourage others to live their dreams. A wife, mother, and grandmother, Crystal lives in Australia.
All the ingredients necessary for a delightful easy-read experience. Entertaining and inspiring.
Valerie Ruth Pym 
All the necessary ingredients for a delightful easy-read experience. Entertaining and inspiring
Valerie Pym 
All the necessary ingredients for a delightful easy-read experience. I found it both entertaining and inspiring.

Val Pym 
Delightful story of a young woman's journey to find answers in her life. Sustained by a deep and abiding faith she also finds love on the way. A most enjoyable read.
Julia Sweet 
As I read the first chapter I thought, this is one of those books full of description and not much story line - how wrong I was, I'm glad I kept reading! This book is an absolute gem! A delightful romance within an interesting story - including an element of mystery. I appreciated the Australian setting and the insight into (immigrant) Italian family life. I hope to see more from this author.
Lee Allen 

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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