A Stoic Doctrine
A Stoic Doctrine
Reason and Faith
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is going to go past your expectations and make you visualize yourself as a person staring at the world through a looking glass. It will make you question yourself, your life, your status, your dreams...And the best part about is it does not matter if you understand just one paragraph or one concept the book itself is a ideal of transforming peoples dreams into life and life into dreams. So first and foremost, and last and least, read with an open eye because it can only get better if your more accepting to the idea that we are not prejudice.
Comfortably we aspire as in the idea that each day will result new things to add to our minds; but even in this futile endeavor our most obvious observations do conclude that in the perceptions in our apathy cannot befall good. Because this idea is real, we cannot see real and inconclusive enslavement of condensation raining down on our own arbitrariness; but from this point of view are able to elude, most, factual evidence that is neither a prominent factor, or is most prevalent in elucidation of the fact thereof toward THEN. That this elucidation dislodges an absolute victory toward overpowering the pleasures which we imitate from the founding fathers and philosophers, in the realizations, in the perturbations in the moralistic ethics to making a more perfect union.

I am qualified to write this book because I am tenacious, endearing, and fervent in abilities to showcase them in a colloquial way as to say, "This is a new age and we need to start thinking in terms of modernization, health, security, construction of utilities for sewers, etc.... I like the fact that I make my own self think because I need at least a month before I could completely understand all of my book but I know I am smart enough to know that I am that good to bring to life a new beginning that no one can say can end."

Well my mom and dad broke up when I was 1 and since then I've had a few fathers, each with their words of wisdom to carry me on. But when I was 7 I did not wake up for 7 days because I was in a coma and the doctors did not say I would live and I had a lot of people in many different states praying for me; and I awoke out of it being paralyzed from the neck down. Since then and Im 28 now im overcome many obstacles and bounds and right now I am happiest I can be because I want to see if my hard work of writing is worthy enough to stand the test of time to intrigue people to question their own conscience or ideas and then look at the world around theem and ask the same thing and see the real value of what it means to truly live in the best nation on earth.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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