Borrowed Earth Cafe
Borrowed Earth Cafe
Climbing the Ladder of a Dream
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Back in 2007, two gently unemployed people with no previous restaurant experience drove 90 minutes to Chicago to eat a raw food dinner. 90 minutes. They said”, “I wish there was somewhere closer…” And they were stupid enough to decide the best solution to the problem was to open their own raw vegan restaurant.

Not normal people. Not even close.

This is their story.

KATHY:  “Did you remember to put in the recipes?”
DANNY: “Yes. The string around my finger totally worked.”

We’re the kind of fool people who believe in ourselves. Modern pioneers not afraid to walk away from what we know, get in a wagon and head West, so to speak. Head into uncharted territory in our lives, maybe a little scared, but willing to keep going West anyway. Try something new. See where it takes us. See who we meet along the way, even if it’s a bolder version of who we were before we hit the trail. See how it feels. Have an adventure. In December of 2006, we went on a raw food diet following a 30-day detox. At the end of the detox, the booklet that came with the package of herbal supplements suggested eating raw food for three days before going right back to your normal diet. Normal. We had been eating vegan food for about a year back then, and before that, vegetarian food. But, for most of our lives, we ate what everyone else eats. Sorry, no hippie dippy, free love, flowers in your hair, Woodstock refugee, tie dye, incense and peppermints, funky monkey, commune story. (Danny could probably invent one, if you’re interested.) Danny is from Westmont, Illinois, a little working class suburb of Chicago. Me? I’m Kathy. How ya’ll doing? I spent the bulk of my life in Tulsa, Oklahoma. An Okie, if you will. I’ll be your narrator.
Danny Living and his wife Kathy own Borrowed Earth Cafe ( and share their experiences with real people on

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