Love Letters from a Doughboy
Love Letters from a Doughboy
A World War I Love Story
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Thomas Fletcher first sees her in 1916, at a drug store in Birmingham, Alabama. He doesn’t know her, but her brown hair and beautiful eyes captivate him. He soon learns her name—Juliette Wilcox—and she would learn his. Their attraction cannot be denied, but something stands in their way.

Thomas is a drafted soldier, about to be sent to Europe to fight in the dreaded World War I. Although Juliette begs for them to be married before he goes to boot camp, he doesn’t want to leave her a widow. Their letters will keep them close. Letters are all they will have until he returns from the battlefield—hopefully, alive.

For the next four years, letters arrive from far off France and Germany to Juliette’s front porch in Alabama. For the next four years, their love grows, develops, and increases. Even so, war is a dark force, and many men never return. Will Thomas be one of the soldiers lost, or will he come home and make Juliette’s dreams of marriage a happy reality?

Out of the corner of his eye, Thomas caught a glimpse of a girl. She had bent down to help an older lady who had just dropped her purse. Just then she turned and looked right at Thomas. She was of medium height, brown hair, but her eyes! They were the darkest brown that Thomas had ever seen. She smiled at him and he returned the favor and with that she turned and left the store. Thinking that she was such a beautiful girl, he got up ready to follow her but by then their lunch had come. Dad said in a way too stern voice “Time to eat, boy! We are not here for you to chase girls!” Obeying his father, Thomas returned to his seat. I think deep in his heart, my grandfather knew that he and that lovely browned eyed girl would once again cross paths and would do so before he had to return to Twin Pines.

Margie Howd has a degree in sociology from the University of Evansville. Now sixty-three, she lives with her husband, Jim, in a large retirement area in central Florida called The Villages. This is her first book.


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