Celestial Messages: Seon Guidance from the Universe
Celestial Messages: Seon Guidance from the Universe
Perfect Bound Softcover
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-The Creator does not have any specific form and only his consciousness is alive, so He can appear in any form. The hometown of the Creator is mu (nothingness) and also gong (emptiness).Efforts to search for and enter this hometown of the Creator have been made by various higher forms of life, including human beings.

-Seongye concentrates energy once in tens of billions of years on a planet that has been created for practice, and produces may seonins who will participate in the evolution of the Universe. This is the opportunity for the Earth.

-If one is advanced to the stage of the speed of thought through practicing spiritual training, because he can shorten billions of years at once, he will be able to look around the whole Universe at speeds he cannot imagine at present.

-The true meaning of the After-Heaven Age is to make the Universe into place where everything is bright, pure and warm.

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Suroso Mun is one of the major spiritual teachers of our time. A child of the Korean War era, Ms. Mun graduated from a prestigious Korean University and developed a successful career at the Korean National Assembly and Red Cross. Thereafter devoting herself to spiritual enlightenment, Suroso Mun has established Suseonjae, The Meditation School with global centers in Korea, the United States, China, and South Africa. She has published more than 20 books in Korean and several have been translated into English.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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