Selling with Soul
Selling with Soul
Achieving Career Success without Sacrificing Personal and Spiritual Growth
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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The ability to sell yourself and your ideas may be the most essential skill for achieving business success. Even so, society demeans selling and salespeople, perpetuating stereotypes that make us cringe. In Selling with Soul, author Sharon V. Parker attacks those attitudes head-on and explodes the myths about salespeople being unprofessional and driven by self-interest. Selling with Soul counters many of the negative notions of selling by explaining why it is an honorable profession that creates value for all when it is done with empathy for the customer and a firm commitment to principles. Parker helps you learn the skills and attitudes that result in successful sales careers, and she shares the lessons that can result in a successful, balanced life—lessons she learned during a twenty-six-year career in sales. In this, the second version of Selling with Soul, Parker includes a review of sales basics, updated with how people buy today. She also shares ideas for finding and keeping new business, and she presents lessons in the soft skills so essential to selling with integrity and empathy: listening, conflict resolution, understanding personal styles, dealing with temptations and compromise, and creating a life consistent with your values. Selling with Soul helps heal the split between job and spirit. It shows how problem-solving, creating value, and treating others with empathy and integrity are the keys to selling—and living—with soul.
"When a career counselor first recommended I consider a job in sales, I looked down at my tailored suit and mentally reviewed my makeup and jewelry, trying to pinpoint what made him think I was sleazy. I ranked salespeople just behind ambulance chasers on my ethical scale. Why would anyone want such a job? The obvious answer, according to that same counselor, was “For the money!” Praise for Selling with Soul Selling with Soul validates what it took me over thirty years to learn; the ability to establish an emotional connection is what separates superstar sellers from those struggling to make their numbers. — Michael Bosworth, thought-leader and founder of Solution Selling, CustomerCentric Selling, and StoryLeaders LLC Sharon Parker learned how to add ‘human value’ to her work life, how to make it consistent with the person she is, and make her career more satisfying. Selling with Soul is an excellent guidebook for anyone in business, no matter what your position or career path, who wants to do the same. — Don H. Davis Jr., chairman and CEO of Rockwell All of us sell, regardless of our job titles. Sharon Parker shows how it is possible to do it well, without sacrificing integrity. This book is a powerful guide to doing business in a way that allows us to look at ourselves in the mirror each night and to take pride in ourselves and our work. — Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founder, Ben and Jerry’s Homemade
Sharon V. Parker successfully sold high-tech products and services for twenty-five years. In 2004, she launched the Sparker Company, a resource offering coaching and professional training. She lives with her husband, Joel, in Portland, Oregon. Visit her online at

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