CODE 0666
CODE 0666
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The story of a man in his 70's who searched for a Nazi who was in hiding since the end of World War 2. This man in his 70's was touched by the memories of men, women and children murdered in Nazi concentration camps whose only crime was that they were Jewish. A fictional thought-provoking account of love, vengeance and justice.

It was not until Michael Sardo was writing Code 0666 that he learned and realized some true facts concerning Hitler and the NAZI party. There were some prominent companies that collaborated with the NAZI's be-fore and during World War II some also were American companies in Europe.

Sardo was appalled to find out that the activities of these companies involved were devastating. To name a few incidents: firing employees be-cause they were Jewish. To mention a few more horrific facts; an American company in Germany manufactured Zyklon B gas used in NAZI gas chambers and the same company funded Mengele's experiments on concentration camp prisoners. These incidents occured to further the activities of Hitler and the NAZI party. Michael Sardo found all this information on the internet.

Michael A. Sardo, Age 80 Born in Laurelton Long Island, New York. Moved to Brooklyn, New York, two months later. Only child of immigrant parents from Sicily. Always lived in an ethnic environment. Michael worked in retail furniture sales and management for twenty-seven years. In 1990 he took an early retirement to work at public relations and grant writing for a homeless shelter he and his wife established in 1978 south of St. Louis, Missouri. His wife is also a New Yorker born in the Bronx. Writing has always been his passion. His first book of poetry was published in New York City when he was twenty-one. Hobbies: watching old movies and listening to classical music. He has three sons, seven grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and four cats.

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