Honey from the Honeycomb
Honey from the Honeycomb
Sweet Are the Words Spoken by God
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The Scriptures hold hidden nuggets of knowledge that are often overlooked in studies of the Bible. In Honey from the Honeycomb, author Tadd Webber discusses a selection of parables and stories from the Old Testaments and provides a synopsis of and reflection on each of the passages.

Combining his personal experiences living in the Middle East, Webber uses the Bible to examine how God answers prayers and ensures that Christians can facilitate God’s plan for mankind. Honey from the Honeycomb calls attention to the histories of several Jewish families and how God views covenant relationships. It also focuses some attention on the details of a covenant that was established with the Hivite Nation. It examines generations affected by the actions of ancestors and offers insight into the functions of the Hebrew families in the Old Testament.

While interpreting stories from the Old Testament, Honey from the Honeycomb shows how these passages apply to present-day Christian life.

Continue in this book to the find thread of Shechem that ties together the descendants of Abram and Sarai. The reader will discover how it unites even unto Joshua, military leader of Israel, who undertook the long task of dividing the Promised Land among the twelve tribes, in the book of Joshua. At the end of this division it is found that God did as He had promised the fathers. They took possession of the land and God delivered their enemies into their hands.
Tadd Webber is currently retired and fulfilling his adult dream of publishing books about the Bible. He has studied at the Institute of Jewish and Christian Studies and Liberty Bible College. Webber and his wife, Wanda, live in Foreman, Arkansas, and have three grown children, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

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