The Inner Circle
The Inner Circle
Volume 2: The Summerfields
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Medical clinic CEO Edmund Summerfield was once held in high regard throughout his wealthy community. Unfortunately, his ranking has recently fallen due to the difference in political views between Edmund and the group of ultra-conservative group of men who belong to the same country club. Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges that loom in the near future, the Summerfield family is not about to give up their dedication to maintaining freedom and democracy in the face of the increasingly alarming positions of the far right. But little do they know just how difficult their fight will be.

Concerned about the undeniable signs of authoritarianism and the ongoing assault upon democratic principles, Edmund and his two children, Nancy and Lionel, band together with like-minded friends and begin their commitment to work against political extremism. With no time to lose and the country on the brink of economic calamity, the Summerfields immerse themselves in meetings with other compassionate intellectuals concerned with the future of their country. Unfortunately, their well-intended journey has now led them into the midst of an adversarial relationship with elitist conservatives who seek limitless wealth and political power.

In this dramatic tale, a political saga slowly unfolds as the Summerfields act on their unselfish intentions to serve the common good, never giving up hope that their beloved nation will, as always, rise up to meet its challenges and threats.

After a pause and a turn of his eyes to the window and the clearing sky and the trees tossing in the wind, Edmund Summerfield spoke again. “Lionel, Nancy knows why I called. It is to tell you that this will be a week that you will remember. It is also a week when you will be made an offer, a proposition. I trust that it will interest you and tempt you to make an acceptance. Permit me, as your father, to suggest, perhaps to urge that you not accept; another time perhaps; but not now.

“In so little time when it is measured against man’s time on this earth and the history of our country, perhaps only five decades or less; they have brought us irresponsibly and even purposefully to the brink of an economic calamity. I anticipate that the changes they have brought upon us … will be the substance of many conversations and meetings that are to come. …

“My son, you must remain apart; you must refuse what you will be offered, or you could be lost to us. Lionel, you must advise and lead as we strive to do what we can here in our state …
“Once again, I’ll say to you both: we must do everything that we can.”
Edwin G. Rice earned bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Dakota and an MD from the University of Washington. After serving as a physician in the US Air Force, he completed his residency and worked for a large Minneapolis-St. Paul clinic for thirty-eight years. Now retired, he enjoys running, reading, and playing classical piano. This is his sixth book.

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