You Can't Stay 39 Forever
You Can't Stay 39 Forever
Poetic Reflections on Growing Old
Plus a Look at The Good Old Days
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Little Billy asked his grandmother how long she planned to stay 39, because on each birthday when asked how old she was, she would reply, “I’m still 39 and holding.” To which Billy replied, “Granny do you think you can stay 39 forever?”

Far too many of us take growing old and old age too seriously. We need to lighten up...go with the flow. A sage is reportedly to have said, “You grow up the day you can laugh at yourself.”

This volume of poems presents a humorous, and at times a serious, view of growing older. It is a follow-up to the author’s book, Have You Hugged Your Parents Lately? A book in which a deep and serious look is taken at aging, it’s problems and challenges.

There is a second part in this book in which the author takes a nostalgic trip back into his childhood in rural Georgia, which he refers to as, “We didn’t know the depression was over until the middle fifties.”

This poetic trip and the poems on aging will delight and encourage the hearts of all who read this book.

It is an ideal gift for young and old.

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J. J. Turner has been a public speaker for more than 36 years. He has spoken in forty states and sixteen countries. This is his sixty-first book. He is an author, editor, poet, lyricist, publisher, minister, and educator. He has had numerous years of radio and TV experience. He conducts seminars and workshops on various subjects. Academically he holds the earned Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. He presently serves as President of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, where he also teaches on the graduate and undergraduate levels. He and his wife, Isabel, have two adult children, Sandra and John-Alan, plus a granddaughter, Anabel.

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