The Million Dollar Story
The Million Dollar Story
An Unexpected Ending
Perfect Bound Softcover
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TC’s life is a busy one, filled with the physical demands of her job as a mail carrier and her dreams to play basketball, not to mention the demands of her convoluted love life. Her girlfriend, Samantha, is one beautiful and powerful woman—and a cop. Jealousy seems to be the unavoidable side effect of their open relationship, and though they each have a lover on the side, each fears loss and heartbreak. Are any of them meant to be together? Is Samantha “the one” for TC—or is her true love still out there somewhere?

Jay, TC’s best friend, supports her, but he has his own issues. A jock and a player, Jay considers himself a real ladies’ man, but on the day he meets Carly, everything he thinks he knows about himself is called into question. Carly has only recently started living her life as a woman, and she’s got to balance her natural attraction to Jay with her fear that he will reject her when he learns the truth. As Jay does his best to give TC advice on her own love life, he’s got some big decisions to make himself. Is Carly his destiny? Is he hers?

Things may not always go as planned, but that’s the beauty of life and relationships—and this is especially true in The Million Dollar Story.

So all the stories are up to date Crystal, Sam and Jenna. That’s it with the girls I mean there were a few in between but those were the main ones Crystal the first, Sam the wife and Jenna the down low chick that keeps me going back for more every now and then. What’s going to happen now I wish I knew but all I know is I have to try my best with Sam but at the Same time let go cause I don’t want to feel what I felt with Crystal. Now my boy Jay’s story, he’s a good person and very caring but he has issues that go back to when he was a kid. He never met his dad and his stepdad was the biggest dick you will ever meet. He used to beat Jay’s mom and treated Jay like a stranger. When Jay got to high school he played ball and did his thing, could have had any girl he wanted but there was one person he had his eye on but because of his pride and not wanting to get teased he never approached the person and they never knew. Jay was into this really cool gay dude that was always around the team but he never got to experience it so instead he was with multiple girls but always unhappy. He ended up falling for this one girl but she treated him like shit always disrespected him in front of his friends, was with a bunch of dudes and brought guys around Jay’s hood. For awhile Jay put up with it till he couldn’t take it anymore and he moved from Queens to the Bronx and haven’t seen his High School love since. Jay is real insecure because of how he feels for guys but his pride won’t let him open up but when he met me all that changed. When we first met he was real cocky and confident with his but after awhile he started opening up to me so I decided to take him with me to gay clubs and though he was comfortable he never tried to get with anyone till the one day we went and he met Carly. I knew she was a man but he made himself believe she wasn’t so I went along with it figuring he probably knew but didn’t want to face it. Since the girl from High School Jay has been real careful and cold with women to avoid getting hurt but I realize he is opening up with Carly and he seems real comfortable so I'm happy for him.

CHRISTINA FERNANDEZ is an aspiring writer hoping to reach the hearts and minds of many people. She also looks to opening a recreation center one day or working in the sports field.


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