Aubrey’s Choice
Aubrey’s Choice
Perfect Bound Softcover
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As Aubrey walks down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams, she already knows the marriage will not last. Ian, her husband-to-be, is slowly dying from cancer. As Aubrey reflects on what once was and what will never be, she mentally returns to a time when she and her two best friends, Jack and Ian, were three teenage musketeers with not a care in the world. But after Jack and Ian force Aubrey to choose between them, a betrayed Jack suddenly moves away, changing their dynamic forever.

Six months after Ian passes away, twenty-five-year-old Aubrey knows she needs to escape her small town, her grief, and all those who pity her. Her travels lead her to Texas, where she is soon pulled over by a police officer—who immediately recognizes her. Jack knows he is still in love with Aubrey, but his anger over her rejection of him overwhelms any good feelings. As the two part with not a kind word between them, Jack has no idea that he is about to run into Aubrey again. It seems that destiny has taken over his life.

In this contemporary romance novel, Jack must reconcile with his past and learn to forgive others—and himself—before he can ever love again.

Aubrey didn’t see her life going this way. She loved her best friends and couldn’t decide which one more but fate had a way of choosing for you. At sixteen she was at a tug of war between Ian and Jack. It was a small towns, in Columbia, South Carolina were the boys outnumbered the girls three to one. They wanted her to choose but she couldn’t and that had started the rift between them. She loved both as only a young girl could but Ian has found out he is very ill and while Aubrey is comforting her friend Jacks spots them.
Jack was not in the mood he has just found out his father was being transferred again and he must move away. Wanting to talk to his best friend about it he walks in on him and Aubrey. That is just what he needed to see them together he didn’t wait he says some of the most hurtful things he can. Thinking they were going behind his back he storms out. The next week he was gone.
Aubrey and Ian wanted to give Jack some time and to get over the horrible things he said to them. The thing is they waited too long and now Jack is gone. They didn’t know he was moving and have no idea where he moved to. Both feeling hurt by what Jack said.
As time went on Ian had good and bad times they graduate high school and go on with life. Ian went to work for his father and Aubrey went to culinary school with a little push form Ian. The more time went on the closer they became till one day Ian asked Aubrey to marry him.
They had a small ceremony with family and friends all around. Ian seemed well but he really wasn’t. Soon after the ceremony Ian had to have more chemo and he wasn’t fairing as well as he did.
Aubrey had only six months with Ian before he grew too ill and weak and passed. Aubrey was beside herself she couldn’t stand being without Ian. Going around town was very difficult with everyone looking at her as if they would start to cry.
Aubrey decided she had enough and packed her car and just drove having no real destination in mind. Her heart was broken and she had no one that needed her.
Driving half way across the country she ends up in Texas. She found herself driving in the middle of the night having a good cry. She must have been speeding but she really wasn’t paying attention. Hearing the sirens she pulled over thinking this was just what she needed. The sheriff that pulled her over was in a very bad mood or at least that’s what Aubrey thought. She recognized him when he came up to the car to give her a ticket he was rude to say the least.
He didn’t even care when he walked back to the car to give her the ticket more angry then ever.
I see you married him was all he said.
Aubrey recognized Jack and was hurt by what he said leaving him with a few choice words as she drove away. What a jerk he was, Aubrey was too upset to go on any longer stopping at an Inn along the way. She was so tired and all she wanted to do was sleep a week away. The inn was nice and the keeper was friendly enough for being woken in the middle of the night.
Jack was still angry the next morning helping his brother on the ranch they owned together. Not getting any sympathy from James he went to see his sister Jenny. He let himself in not wanting to disturb Jenny and Mike just in case they were taking care of guests. They had the Inn for just a short time and were still getting things right. What he didn’t expect to see was Aubrey in his sister’s kitchen, getting herself something to drink.

J. C. NEWAY has been married for seventeen years and has three children. She loves reading and believes that everyone has a story inside them. She lives with her family in New York.


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