The Dawn of Civilization
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At first, the people of Ariana were little more than nomads with a few tricks for continuing their survival. Eventually, however, they developed agriculture and began to settle down, advancing as a society. As they progressed from small farming communities into a thriving civilization, they evolved in other ways as well. They developed a military composed of professional soldiers and a written language to act as a medium for complex messages. In this predecessor of ancient Persia, three generations of rulers fostered this change, beginning with a man called Hooman.

Despite being a son of an influential family, Hooman started at the bottom and rose to greatness, advancing to the rank of general at a surprising rate. Even so, he is surprised to find himself crowned successor to the throne of Ariana. A man of genuine character and remarkable kindness, he seemed the best choice. But can he handle this much responsibility?

A young man, Hooman is only learning the ways of the world. He must navigate love, hate, tradition and deceit all within the boundaries of his culture. He must embrace tragedy and hold happiness at bay in order to become the man who can lead and protect a fledgling nation.

Hooman said: “Where is Kavous? Why is he not here?” The poor soldier replied: “I did not see Commander Kavous, but I found out one of our very brave officers was badly wounded and Commander Kavous took him to Arat so the physicians can try to mend his wounds.” Hooman turned white and almost fell to his knees. He sat on the small bed in the corner of his tent, feeling hopeless, for he knew the young injured officer was his love, Nazin—she was his reason for living. After several deep breaths, Hooman sent the messenger away.
Fereidoun “Farley” Gharagozlou came to America from Tehran, Iran, when he was still a teenager. He has lived in the United States for over fifty years, where he has had success as an international architect. This is his first book.

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