Roadmap to Haiti’s Next Revolution
Roadmap to Haiti’s Next Revolution
Capitalizing Haiti’s Economy with Haitian Diaspora Remittances
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Haiti, the first slavery-emancipated black nation on earth, achieved a political revolution for the dignity of man at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Her history is well documented. Scholars have published in-depth analyses on her past and present. Yet she remains an enigma. In Roadmap to Haiti’s Next Revolution: Capitalizing Haiti’s Economy with Haitian Diaspora Remittances, author Rubens Francois Titus attempts to understand the real underpinnings of the Haitian revolution while proposing labels for a number of the most well-known events in Haiti’s history. He also tries to refute some of the most widely accepted contemporary misconceptions about the Haiti of today. There are a number of hard lessons to be learned from studying Haiti’s history. Titus puts forth a series of empirical proposals that can serve as the basis for future political-forum debates among the concerned Diaspora Haitians—debates that ought to lead to the adoption of a Diaspora Plan for Haiti.
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Rubens Francois Titus is an amateur historian and a macroeconomics enthusiast with a background in the physical sciences. He is a graduate of Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, NYC Tech, and Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. He is devoted to increasing the Haitian Diaspora understanding of Haiti’s macroeconomic history.


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