The Prominence Book of Faith
The Prominence Book of Faith
How Humans became a Prominent Species
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Prominence system of faith consists of a diverse spiritual culture, which could strengthen the reader’s ability to enjoy the presence of God and rejoice in his Spirit. Prominence is the path to a spiritual, pure and elaborate independent relationship between God, Humanity and the Truth. It is a lifetime effort to elaborate the Truth.

The story of creation goes that about fourteen billion years ago ferocious forces became unleashed to form the universe and the lower and inferior worlds, as we know it. Planet Earth is estimated to be about 4.6 billion years old. In fact the whole world has come forth from the very source that the applications of worldly sciences are trying to find and solve its origin, and moreover to make effort to define the forces in the making of the creation of the universe. Symbolically or metaphorically, the creation of the universe has been the result of a scheme to develop a new world, in which God could become the undisputed King and rule the universe. It is how the entire universe was born like a star from a single molecule designed to unleash destructive forces to take its path in the making of the worlds. The final step would be for man to emerge from this scheme to declare his own rule and kingdom, as we have witnessed the evolution and history of mankind on planet Earth. God did ‘not’ create the Universe, says Stephen Hawking. Britain‘s most famous scientist concludes in his provocative book, The Grand Design, and that: “Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.” For the most, I would believe that God created His own heavenly Kingdom, which is not the same as the creation of the perishable worlds, as we know it. The Truth of the matter is more likely that the worlds came forth from an error, deviation, run away molecule, although originated from the Higher Heavens, yet as a form of deception and not necessarily following the path of a glorious and everlasting Truth. We could assert that the existence of the planet Earth has been the result of a remote probability taking shape because of unlimited possibilities of endless configurations, finally bearing result in mysterious ways. Now, if you hold for true that God created the worlds and everything else, and you are determined to walk the path of the Lord, we would for sure at some point of time meet together in our journey of faith, and walk the path together to reach the Gates of Salvation. Therefore, we need to reconnect with the Truth to become emancipated and be able to enter the Kingdom of Heavens in the end. The most dominant view of faith has come forth from the very ancient belief that in fact an Almighty God has created this world, the universe and everything else that exists in this world. It is how humans have started to believe in themselves as a superior species that should rule this planet and the universe. Nevertheless, the absolute God is neither in need of a worldly creation, nor yearning for worship, tribute or any sort of sacrifices or offerings. In fact, based on most revelations at hand, the worldly creation started out to evolve when the Devil became an outcast from the High Heavens. For humanity to prevail, it is pertinent to overcome the power and rule of the Devil in order to be able to connect to God and become saved from the schemes of evil forces and to overcome the power of deceit. On this basis, we also will be able to determine the tenets and the path that humanity needs to take in order to once more ascend and rise to the Higher Heavens, and once more enjoy godly blessings and salvation. The truth is that humanity has been surrounded by evil forces from the beginning of time, and therefore humanity has been suffering enormously under the rule of evil forces. Those who turn to God are continuously being punished, tortured and harassed and stripped from their very right of existence. The Devil needs to become fit and strong as he makes progress in the worlds. That’s why there is always war and bloodshed, and obviously a chance for evil forces in form of deadly diseases, waste, pollution, and terrorism to evolve on Earth. We might turn to God, only to strike a deal with the Devil in the end. It’s a continuous trend that has threatened mankind from the beginning of time. All this awareness takes us to the realization of the fact that we are only a wrecked species, who are helplessly looking for a path to free ourselves from these chains of enslavement and emerge as an independent life form on Earth. It has been falsely understood that if humanity has been trying to establish his own rule on Earth, it is because mankind has been trying to deviate from the path of God. However, the truth of the matter is that unless we succeed in acquiring our own solemn identity as an advanced and independent species, we are not going to able to become free from our cursed state of existence. It shouldn’t come as a shock to us to know the truth of how we came to evolve in this world, in contrast to all what has been thought of or believed in the past. It is all worth for the purpose of reaching and attaining a higher state of the truth in order to reach a higher status in the world, and for the light of God to start shining in our lives, and to be able to reach salvation and receive truthful blessings.

Author Kamran Pirnahad has described the path of Prominence as a stairway to Heavens, a path to reach the ultimate state of purity of the soul, and truthfulness of the mind in conveying our ideas and ideals, and establishing a trustworthy relationship between all those elements that make up godly values, which provide for growth and preservation of nature and the species.


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