The Magic of Monday
The Magic of Monday
A Fable about the Winning Formula for Career Success
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Many young people and young professionals struggle to overcome unfulfilled aspirations and difficult circumstances, and frequently end up in unsatisfying jobs.

Even so, armed with the right attitude, strategies, and behaviours, they can take advantage of opportunities to make a mark on the global marketplace while discovering greater fulfilment.

Josh, a young professional like so many others, finds out how to do just that in The Magic of Monday, a fable that teaches lessons on developing a winning attitude in and out of the workplace. With the help of his longtime friend, Paul, he learns how

• focusing on your strengths can make all the difference in performance;

• changing damaging behaviours can yield positive results;

• discovering new ways of thinking can transform a career; and

• finding a mentor can provide huge dividends.

Josh also learns top habits of high achievers, what it means to have a winning attitude, and how to stay motivated on a daily basis. By joining him on his journey and reading real advice and insights gleaned from interviews of more than seventy-five business leaders, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and managers, you’ll never look at Mondays the same again.

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Obi Abuchi founded Motivatem in 2008 as a consultancy to help organisations improve performance by effectively tapping into and releasing the full potential and motivation of their employees. Obi, his wife, Peju, and their three sons live in London, England.

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