Adversity Builds Character
Adversity Builds Character
An Inspirational True Life Story of Disability, Addiction, and Acceptance
Perfect Bound Softcover
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From an early age, author Tom Ufert can remember his grandmother proclaiming that adversity builds character. At the time, he didn’t completely understand what it meant—or know that he would actually live it. In Adversity Builds Character, Ufert shares the events that altered and shaped his life and shows how, with God’s help, he was able to survive, thrive, and inspire others.

In this memoir, he narrates his life story and tells about the adversity he has faced—his mother’s early divorces; the breakdown of his relationship with his sister; his adoption by family friends; his mother’s illness and murder; his contact with a predatory pedophile; his questioning of his own sexuality, bisexuality, and eventual acceptance of being gay; alcoholism and sexual addiction; diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and HIV; and paralysis from a car accident.

Revealing, honest, painful, and tender, Adversity Builds Character communicates the power of the human spirit to overcome the trials of modern life. It shows how Ufert’s suffering paved the way for a deep appreciation for life and God’s role in the world.

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Tom Ufert, a community affairs advocate, earned a double bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Centenary College of Louisiana and did graduate studies in East Asian political affairs as a Rotary International scholar at Australian National University. Ufert currently lives in Haltom City, Texas.


An impressive story about the author?s life.

I felt compelled by the honesty and openly Tom narrates his life an how, from all the adversities and tribulations that came one after another, he was able to learn and to get the necessary strength to continue living with energy and willingness to do more.

I liked the openness and sincerity in touching very personal aspects of his life. It?s very hard to find such a person that, by sharing his experience, may inspire others to appreciate what they have in life.


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