Lincoln’s Letter
Lincoln’s Letter
Perfect Bound Softcover
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David Thornton, a high school senior who is about to graduate and head to college, is a Civil War enthusiast. He loves studying history, and he loves Civil War memorabilia. His great-aunt Gin knows this, of course. She has a special gift for his graduation. It is a letter written by Abraham Lincoln. Meanwhile, she has David go digging through her attic for other Civil War letters.

In the course of searching the attic, he finds a strange helmet. Gin gives him the possibly priceless head piece.

It doesn’t take a thief long to hear of the Lincoln Letter, and it is gone before David even sees it. It is a treasure with a possible answer to a great Civil War mystery.

On a quest to find the Lincoln Letter, David and his friends are soon pursued by the “collector”.

...I'll let you have the Lincoln Letter. He was stunned. A letter written by Abraham Lincoln! He hurried up the creaking old stairs to the attic. ... He looked with dismay at the hugh assortment of cardboard boxes, trunks, suitcases, old furniture and miscellaneous goods in the room.,, He was just taking his gloves off when a gleam caught his eye. It was something just behind the next box in the stack and coming from the insulation. Something was stuck between the joints of the insulation. He walked over and pulled it out. It was some sort of gold colored helmet.

David Leonard has a BA in English from Mt. Angel College, Oregon, and a master’s degree in education and management from New Mexico State University. He is a retired educator who lives with his wife, Carol, in Prineville, Oregon.


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