Twice upon a Time
Twice upon a Time
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In between agony and ecstasy, between tragedy and comedy, unfolds this drama we call life. On the verge of adolescence, Daniel Abrams moves with his family to Los Angeles from the majestic mountains of Montana, where he had place, where he could, and often did, enter the realm of the gods through nature, a time always bright and delightful.

Although miserable at first young Daniel begins to find place and feel at home after he meets Crystine Mercado, born in LA, and growing up right along with the big city. Neither can deny it is love at first sight, and together they enter a realm of love that few ever do. But they have their souls, by now entwined, wrenched asunder when his family moves back to Montana. Daniel notices from that point forward a mysterious and recurring thread being woven in the tapestry of his life that cannot be ignored, and he can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a purpose behind the strange and sometime bizarre events, for he discovers in Vietnam that in the realm of the gods there is also a dark and foreboding place. But he knows that to find the answers to his questions, he must somehow find Crystine, even if it takes a lifetime.

Join Daniel as life sets him on a spiritual journey by first lifting him to the mountain top, then dropping him into a deep valley. And then, sometimes with gentle certainty, sometimes with agonizing painfulness, life lifts him out and sets him to sail an unknown ocean until he lands on a deserted island where he makes the discovery of who he truly is.

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R. D. Amundson has previously published a short book of poems, some appearing in local newspapers. Now retired from the workaday world, he is able to focus full time on his life’s passion, the art and craft of writing. He currently lives in Montana.


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