Not on My Watch!
Not on My Watch!
A Mom’s Fight for the Heart and Soul of Her Country
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Many people curse the darkness and complain about what is wrong in society, without providing any light. Monica Boyer’s story is different. Not on My Watch is the story of one mom who saw her country falling apart at the seams and felt she had to do something about it.

Monica was simply living her life as a middle-class mom, in middle-class America. One day while driving in her minivan, she happened to glance into her rear view mirror. In it, she saw the four little reasons to become involved—the precious children God had given to her. That day, the headlines seemed daunting, the future was unclear, and those four children meant so much to her. She suddenly realized she had to do whatever she could to pass on an America that was no less great than the one that was passed on to her.

For the past eight years, Monica has been actively involved in the political process, serving as a watchdog for family values and protecting the sanctity of life. Three years ago, she accepted the commitment to protect freedom by becoming a leader in the TEA Party movement. As she explains in Not on My Watch, with passion for her God, a commitment to country, and the burning desire to safeguard her family, she is committed to continuing to fight at the local, state, and national level.

“Not on My Watch is not so much about remarkable talent, or even being at the right place at the right time. It’s about hearing the call, and having the courage to stand when the world around you seems to be crumbling.”

—Micah Clark, executive director, American Family Association of Indiana
March 8th, 2004 was the day that forever changed my life... Words still echo through my mind as if I were still sitting in that very spot. Words that will remain with me until the day I die. Words that, when spoken, would mean nothing to an average person on an average day. Words that still bring tears to my eyes when I let my mind drift back to that day sitting on a bench on the third floor of the Indiana Statehouse. Words that resounded over and over in my ears as my heels clanked down the marble steps and out to my car. It would be a long trip home, and a long conversation with God. The words you ask? "I have to go." Strange words to most, but it will make sense as I tell you my story. As a business owner, wife, and mother, I was living the best of both worlds. For ten years, I had been fortunate enough to own and operate a successful home daycare business. I was a stay-at-home mom who was both contributing financially to our family, and raising our precious children. My husband, Brian, and I were blessed with three boys. Our fourth, a baby girl had just made her grand appearance in the Boyer home. It was a good life. I was living the American Dream. Politically, however, I was mostly oblivious to what was going on in the world around me. Sure, I would vote. Voting was a privilege, and I saw it as such. Outside of that privilege, though, I took little interest. That is, until my piece of the American Dream began to change.
Monica Boyer is currently the president of Kosciusko Silent No More and cofounder of Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate. She fights for conservative values in the local, state, and national political spectrum. She and her husband, Brian, have four children and live in Warsaw, Indiana.

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