The Rough Journey of Survival
The Rough Journey of Survival
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Rough Journey of Survival presents a collection of poetry and personal prose seeking to inspire both heart and soul. Author Michael LoMonaco chronicles the severe conflicts he has experienced from his lifelong struggle with psychological disorders. He describes the life lessons he has learned from his past experiences, including his time spent in prison.

LoMonaco suggests that there are two ways to learn life lessons—the easy way and the hard way—and that sometimes the hard way is the only way that works. Ultimately, he is a survivor who has conquered many adversities by taking responsibility for his actions and by viewing life in a more positive light.

In this autobiographical collection, LoMonoco states that he intends to fight any obstacles that would take away his right to cherish the gift of life. He offers an inspirational look at how he has learned to cope with the difficulties of the real world and learned to live a life based on righteousness.

THE DIFFICULTIES OF THE REAL WORLD Since I was a child, I was surviving in this difficult world through vicious actions. It is easy to live a life based on violence when a person is a kid or a teenager; however, once an individual evolves into a legal adult, which is age eighteen, a life established on aggressiveness will no longer be accepted by society, especially by the justice system. I tried to become an ethical person when I became an adult, but I was a feeble-minded person who only knew how to solve my adversities through hostility; as a result, I suffered the severe consequences because I couldn’t adjust to the norms and values that ordinary citizens comply by every day. Eventually, the justice system didn’t want to offer me anymore chances when I committed my next crime, so I spent 14 months in prison. I am currently living a life based on righteousness while learning how to cope with the difficulties of the “Real World.” This world will always be a difficult place to live, but if young individuals focus on their education at an early age and become a righteous person at an early age, life as an adult might not be as difficult.
Michael LoMonaco has struggled with various psychological challenges his entire life. Now disabled, he has become a happy person who enjoys every day. He currently lives in New York; this is his first book of poetry.

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