Concepts of Intelligence
Concepts of Intelligence
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Currently the Vice President of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) as well as featured writer for the Mensa International Journal, Hally takes an active interest in human intelligence in all its forms and applications.

…Hally explores the science behind both human and artificial intelligence, even touching on animal intelligence to appease the animal lovers among us. By blending factual analyses with humor and plenty of background information to keep readers “on the right page,” Hally manages to render a potentially dry, dense subject more accessible. In fact, some of the most endearing qualities of this book are its frankness and careful accessibility. Each essay is prefaced with a helpful, yet non-condescending, introduction. It's an excellent gateway book for a novice who'd like an overview of general concepts of intelligence… Those who are well-versed in the area of intelligence study are likely to enjoy this book for the perspectives it offers. As such, I'd recommend this book to anyone having an interest in the topic of intelligence, regardless of the level of refinement of that interest. Definite thumbs up!

—Shannon D. Moody, Diplomacy and International Commerce, M.A., French Language and Literature.

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Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Thomas Hally studied history and philosophy as an undergraduate and Latin American literature as a graduate student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico ("la UNAM") in Mexico City. He was a United States Army Captain during the Vietnam Conflict and, later, a computer programmer for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Thomas began writing in the early 1970s, but it was not until the 2006 that he submitted anything and was published. Since then, he has flourished. The author is currently a writer for the Mensa International Journal, and he is the Poetry and Prose Editor and Foreign Language Editor of Telicom, the magazine for the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. Hally is also the Vice President of the ISPE. He lives with his wife in the sleepy village of Ajijic on the shore of Lake Chapala, Mexico.
Book Review by Philip Andermann: "Concepts of Intelligence" by Thomas Hally

Copyright 2012, iUniverse. 199 pages. Paperback $16.95. E-book $3.95.

In today's world of over seven billion people, after the evolution of four billion years of life - we witness the flashy entry of a self-aware technological species; one with both perhaps the brilliant eye of the cosmos yet also possessing the darkness of heart to destroy all known life. To many this species resembles an infinitely-colored kaleidoscope of diverse humanity, one that now tilts dangerously while rotating too dizzily. It is heading where - we are not sure - if we are honest - and for many it still seems everything keeps changing,... excepting perhaps our crucial limits of thinking.

So... then is it possible to change our limits of thinking?

"Concepts of Intelligence" provides aspects of some crucial clues.

It is in such an age - where on our iPhone we can summon the height of wooded Mt Sumeru in two seconds, but can never truly see the forest for all its trees - that the question of what are valid "Concepts of Intelligence"? - so we can understand how we can understand where we are going - seems way more pertinent than ever before.

"Concepts of Intelligence" is the inspiration of a modest man who himself has officially scored one-in-a million on a universally-recognized IQ test, for years has communicated heart-to-heart with 100,000 "genius" Mensans, yet makes his material uniquely accessible and relevant to all. He does offer references to those who wish to pursue more on IQ tests - but here expands his revelation of "Concepts of Intelligence" way beyond the dimensions of such tests.

In the most accessible form he offers a mirror to help answer questions probably raging fiercely - those questions concerning intelligent functioning relevant to all of us growing within the ever-young "Computer Age." Such an aware and humorous, revealing and appealing book always set in the historical human context, that illuminates and interrelates so many dimensions of the subject in simple terms yet profound depth, seems very rare.

This is written to entertain, clarify, evoke thrill of new thinking, and empower you. It is relevant regardless of your familiarity with the subject or of who you are. There is a silent voice within "Concepts of Intelligence" that addresses each as an individual. It reveals how - whether you are male or female, young or old, extrovert or introvert, you are very special and capable; that you are, indeed, the center of the universe. In such a light, "Concepts of Intelligence" can help you then discover, unearth, investigate, study, understand and enlighten the rest of us.

The ideal reference book to the mind, "Concepts of Intelligence" is a collection of articles relating the subject to areas of psychology, psychometrics, computers and a crew of related areas. Human intelligence is related in many ways to artificial intellig
Philip Andermann 

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