The Unexpected War
The Unexpected War
Life after Death
Perfect Bound Softcover
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For thirteen-year-old Lance Burns, Sunday morning of August 17, 2032, starts out like every other one—an average, mediocre, not-too-great-but-not-too-shabby kind of day. Forced to spend a rainy weekend in a cramped cave during a family camping trip with his two sisters, Lance looks forward to getting back home to Dublin.

But just as they’re preparing to leave, meteor-like balls of fire begin crashing into the earth all around them. Lance, Kate, and Tina take refuge in the cave, and from there they witness an alien fiend unfold from the ball, roar, and head toward Dublin. Curious, Lance makes his way into the city where he is stunned to find carnage everywhere, the fiends destroying everything in sight.

With his father’s old rifle at his side, Lance accepts an invitation to join the People’s Liberation Force, a resistance group dedicated to fighting the fiends. Together they risk their lives and battle long and hard to defeat the aliens that have taken over their world. Will Lance have to give his life to the cause as well?

After a few hours of walking probably three or four kilometers in a continues circle around our camps perimeter. Brent raised his hand signaling another halt. We did obediently, Silence enveloping the area once again.

I heard a crack and then some rustling from a bush about fifty meters off to our left. To our joy a full grown buck emerged from the brush, unaware of our presence as he stopped in the middle of the small field bending its head to chew on a clump of grass. I held my breath praying to myself for Brent not to miss as I watched him silently raise his rifle taking aim.

The shot rang out, I seen the buck flinch as the bullet sailed right through its heart. It raised its head looking over at us as if already knowing its fate, not even fighting it. “Sorry buddy.” I heard Brent whisper to himself.

The buck took a few steps and then its feet faltered and it fell to the ground succumbing to its inevitable fate. “Aw.. poor guy.” I heard Rachel squeak, a sad tone in her voice.

I placed my hand on her shoulder consolingly. I felt the same way, as much as I knew we needed the deer to provide food to our camp there was still that little part of me that wished Brent would have missed allowing the deer to escape its fait unscathed. “Well kido’s that’s the circle of life, one must die for another to live.” Luke called to me and Rachel obnoxiously as he pulled out his huge hunting knife getting up from cover and walking over to the deer to skin for meat.

“Why do you always got to be such an asshole?” Brent muttered to him as he walked by. He turned to us with a shrug as he broke the tree line into the opening where the deer was. “Guess it comes natural.” He called to us with a shrug.

There was a sharp crack of a rifle that rang out from the opposite end of the forest. I watched it tear right through Lukes chest, blood instantly began pouring from his mouth as he fell to the ground clutching the wound.

“CONTACT!” Brent screamed, the entire tree line in front of us exploded with the muzzle flashes of rifles and machine guns.

Jean-Pierre Breton was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. He fell in love with writing in the first grade and has been working on the Unexpected War series ever since. Breton currently serves in the Canadian Forces.


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