Santa Talks!
Santa Talks!
The Life Story of Saint Nicholas
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The magic of Santa Claus has been raising questions in the minds of children around the world for centuries. In Santa Talks!, Glenn Heald relies on his research and personal experience playing Santa as he shares details of Saint Nicholas’s life and creatively answers the questions often asked by children while sitting on Santa’s lap.

Beginning with Nicholas’s early childhood when he happily lived with monks, Heald narrates the fascinating story of Santa’s coming-of-age journey through life. After sixteen-year-old Nicholas joins the order to serve the poor, the young bishop soon inherits a fortune from his parents, providing him with the capacity to help the less fortunate. As he throws bags of gold through the windows of children, it is not long before Nicholas encounters a locked window and decides to drop the bag through the chimney. And so begins Santa’s mission to bring happiness to boys and girls around the world.

Tailored for grandparents, parents, and children of all ages, Santa Talks! keeps Christ in Christmas while sharing the magical story of Saint Nicholas’s journey to becoming the most beloved holiday character of all time.

The 2000 year old word! Many years ago, before Santa was even born, there was a dark period in history, when the resurrected Christ had gone to live in heaven, and left so many people that had believed in him behind. People that had expected Jesus to create his kingdom on earth now! And Save them from the problems of the Day which was often caused by interaction with the roman Soldiers Acting as Police and Government tax collectors. The people depended on the Disciples of Christ and others, who seemed to understand what if not why, had happened and what the ongoing plan was to achieve Christ’s kingdom. They began to meet in secret locations because the Romans they lived under were not allowing followers of Jesus to congregate openly. If caught they could be imprisoned or put to death. Public stoning often followed public preaching in those days. These secret places became the new Churches of the Early Christian Church. They drew the sign of the fish on their meeting places and used passwords to know who was coming and who was at the door. And a lookout always had to be kept when People met in Christ’s name. One such password used was Christos Mosos which mean’s Christ within (you). This password was passed on and on used by travelers who moved ever northward to avoid Roman rule. They migrated right up through Europe, eventually through what is now; Italy, Spain, France Luxemburg, Germany, and even The Baltic states, the password was altered or changed as various countries languages and regional dialects had their effects, and eventually became what we now know as Christ-mas, Christmas, the 2000 year old word. Christmas, still it carries the same meaning “Christ within”, wouldn’t it be nice if we offered Christ to everyone we meet. Please, Say Merry Christmas! Christ within you! To everyone you meet. May you have a Merry Christmas all your years!
Glenn Heald is a long-time performer who served in the United States Air Force and, upon retiring, became a Santa with the same drive for excellence as he demonstrated throughout his military career. Often described as “the best Santa ever,” Glenn lives in Macon, Georgia, where he anxiously awaits Christmas every year.

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