The Ultimate Deception
The Ultimate Deception
A Life of Lies
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Two men from humble beginnings and living a continent apart may be destined to become the two most powerful men in the world. As the plan of one and the dream of the other intersect, neither has any idea of the powerful chain of events about to occur.

Paul Stevens is a bright young man facing an uncertain future. His father, Raul Contreras, is a man of vision and infinite patience, but most importantly a man of action. Raul and his business associate, Rafael Saltas, hold the reins to an empire that rivals those of ancient European warlords. Paul is caught between his father’s dream and the harsh reality of his drug empire. As he attempts to meet his father’s expectations, Paul soon finds himself becoming more and more like him every day.

Meanwhile, Caroline Williams, Rafael’s strong-willed daughter, struggles to come to terms with her father’s outdated restrictions. Helplessly caught in their fathers’ webs of deceit, Paul and Caroline align themselves with a charismatic future presidential candidate without any idea that a determined DEA agent is hot on their trail.

In this political thriller, time is of the essence as Paul and Caroline sacrifice nearly everything in a valiant attempt to achieve their fathers’ dreams.

Raul, the educated man of privilege, wealth, and power—Rafael, the worldly man of desperation, poverty, and determination. Both had risen in the ranks of the cut-throat, die-young drug world by different means. Raul the elite, authoritative lawyer, Rafael the sinister, powerful enforcer; together they wielded the power to rock the drug world, to control nations, to create their own empire. Together they were unstoppable. Raul’s ability to recognize threats and analyze future needs was equally matched by Rafael’s ability to eliminate those threats and to meet those needs. What one controlled through prestige and privilege, the other controlled through finesse and force. Raul’s vision was no grandiose delusion of a madman—it was the diabolical scheme of a master mind. With Rafael’s help, Raul was almost guaranteed success.
Delbert Moad is a retired state trooper and Los Angeles police officer. A decorated Vietnam veteran, Delbert is now disabled due to “Agent Orange” diseases. This is his debut novel.

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