Chaos to Cured
Chaos to Cured
The True Story of Defeating Bipolar Disorder
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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The moonlight sliced into the alleyway as twenty-one-year-old Kirk Miller opened his eyes and stared at the night sky. His head throbbed as the world spun gently. The cold, hard cement felt oddly soothing, but even with all the alcohol and drugs flowing through his veins, Kirk’s mind was still racing. It would be a year until he was told that those feelings were related to what professionals called a manic episode. Welcome to the world of bipolar disorder.

It is no secret that bipolar disorder is one of the most misunderstood and devastating mental disorders for the diagnosed and those who care for them. But what if there were a cure? In his compelling memoir, Miller details how he was diagnosed with the most severe form of bipolar disorder, was told he would never lead a normal life, and eventually refused to accept his fate. As he began a determined search for answers through research, educated guesses, and risks that nearly cost him his life, Miller shares how he stumbled onto a new method of treating his disorder that, remarkably, helped him achieve a full recovery.

Chaos to Cured shares the true story of one man’s courageous journey to finding a cure for bipolar disorder with the hope that everyone will one day have a second chance in life.

Although much of the most inspired, productive and creative moments in my life came when I was at the first stage of my mania, the price I paid for those flashes of brilliance were never worth the cost. My manic peaks would end with a terrifying eruption of violence and anger that made me a danger to myself and everyone around me. I wouldn't know until years later that that peak was a warning that I was about to crash into a deep depression. It never failed. The higher and more intense the peak, the quicker and more violent the fall into darkness.

Kirk Miller is the founder of Lunera Research and currently coaches families struggling with bipolar disorder and depression. He lives and resides in Colorado.

All net profits made from this book will be donated to the Healing Unique Minds Foundation to fund research and aid those suffering from bipolar and other mental disorders.


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