Is Your Glass Half Full?
Is Your Glass Half Full?
A Journey of Self-Discovery and a Blueprint for Your Future
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In today’s world, we are bombarded by negative situations such as war, poverty, and disease. When we allow this negativity to permeate our consciousness, it’s difficult to think positively about life. We can’t change the world, but we can change how we view it and how it affects us—our behavior, our success, and our contentment.

In Is Your Glass Half Full? author Tracy Russek provides a guidebook to help you explore who you are and help you think more positively about yourself. She presents the research and theories of Ivan Pavlov, Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, B. F. Skinner, and Albert Bandura, and she shows how the study of human behavior can be easily applied to various life situations to turn negatives into positives.

Is Your Glass Half Full? guides you through a series of exercises to help you become more aware of the choices you make and the behavior you display in your interactions with the world. Discover your own uniqueness and worth, and understand that you deserve satisfaction and contentment. You can learn to see the glass as half full.

Those individuals who see life in a negative way definitely need to meet and greet their positive self! People who constantly see the negativity of life appear to be totally unaware of their positive side. It is so much easier for them to blame their problems on others or on life in general than to recognize the positive direction they can take. By taking the time to see the situation from a positive point of view, they could possibly turn a bad situation into a good one, or at least lessen its negative impact.

How will studying human behavior affect my attitude?

It is important for you to have a basic understanding of human behavior in order to explore who you really are and better understand the patterns of behavior in your life. The goal of this self-exploration is to blend the two sides of your "self" into one. Just as a quarter has two sides but is still one quarter, each person has both positive and negative aspects, which come together to create the whole individual. It is my hope that by learning about both sides of yourself you will become more aware of the choices you make and the behavior you display in your interactions with the world around you.

This is a workbook, and as you go through this book you will be working on improving yourself personally and socially. Therefore, it is very important for you to be completely honest with your responses to the questions and activities presented. Honesty doesn't come easily to us because it means we have to accept our faults. It is easy to acknowledge our positive qualities, but it is not so easy to admit the negative traits that affect our lives. This is your workbook, and no one else should read it but you. Read each section carefully and take time to reflect on your response.

I hope that this book will touch readers of all ages. If you are a younger individual, then some of the questions relating to experiences in later life may not apply to you. As you read and consider these questions, focus on where you would like to be at that time of your life and respond accordingly.

May you learn valuable lessons about yourself, realize that you are in control of your life regardless of your age, and learn to make the wisest possible choices. Above all, may you recognize that you are a worthwhile and unique individual, and you deserve satisfaction and contentment.

This is your life!  Remember, it's not the difficulty of our challenges that counts; it’s how we handle them that makes life a journey worth taking.

Tracy Russek earned advanced degrees from NYU, the Citadel, and Nova Southeastern University. Her 30 years as a Special Educator have given her an understanding of how children and young adults can deal in a positive way with emotional and behavior challenges, achieving both academic and social success. Russek and her husband have two children and live in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is a wonderful book along the path to self understanding. It really gets you thinking about where your emotions and actions come from instead of just reacting instinctively to the situations of your life. This is a major step in helping you make improvements to your habits, actions, and motivations. It provides practical, down to earth, and most importantly, USEFUL advice on how to get more out of your relationships and your life. The guided journaling is extremely beneficial in that it helps you learn about your true self first before you try to improve anything. I think all self improvement begins with self discovery, and this book guides you through both of these concepts seamlessly and with inspiration and insight. Ultimately, it makes a strong case that we are all worth taking the time to get to know and that we all deserve to feel in control and live satisfying lives, despite the challenges we all have.
Jamie Davidson  
My daughter received a copy of this book and I am hoping that it will be the start of positive decision making in her behaviors and attitudes.
Sally Miller  

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