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CHAKRAKEY is a book for spiritual students and teachers who seek a greater understanding of the meaning of life. If we are to evolve in a loving way here on Earth, we will do so because we grow in knowledge of our spiritual nature, and begin to love and honor one another as the kind and gentle people we truly are.

ChakraKey reveals the humanspiritual design. Th rough the marriage of two ancient symbols, and one symbol recently found in the form of a crop circle, ChakraKey is an educational tool that reveals the energetic nature of all humanity, and thus our purpose in life. It is through understanding and awareness of our human spiritual nature that we are able to transcend our bodies and live in the light of love as spiritual beings.

We do better, when we know better.

ChakraKey™ marries ancient Hindu wisdom of the chakra system with the seven-candle menorah. When the menorah is turned sideways and placed next to the seven energetic points of the human chakra system, a map is revealed of our human spiritual design, our core essence, and love.

The Knowledge and Wisdom contained within the ChakraKey, will provide you with the greatest gift you might ever hope to find, the ability to live a life filled with love, meaning, and purpose.

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ChakraKey presents an amazing discovery by a simple inventor researching the topic of love. Burdened for an answer to the abortion issue, Rick Ireton gets a tip from a friend that love was the answer. Based on this tip, and a hunch it was right, Rick set into a ten-year study of love. While researching the Hindu Chakra system, and the Hebrew menorah, he noticed the correlation between the two symbols. By simply turning the menorah sideways and placing it next to the chakra system, Rick discovers one of the most significant findings in human history. The menorah when turned sideways and placed next to the chakra system, maps the inter-relationships of the upper and lower chakras, and illustrates our interconnection with Mother Nature’s rainbow. 

Another major discovery would come in the form of a crop with a unique chakra shape. This new symbol, ChakraSynergy would provide another view of the chakra system, illustrating the directional movement of bio-energy as it moves throughout the human body.

ChakraKey marries ancient Hindu wisdom of the chakra system with the Hebrew menorah. Together these new symbols explain the nature of our human spiritual design, and provide us with a framework of information we can use to build Heaven, right here on Earth.

If humanity is to evolve in a loving way, it will happen because we discover the truth of our spiritual nature. As a human family, we all share the same framework of design, and we all have what is called a bio-energetic or chakra system. While we have a body, we are not the body. We are spiritual beings of divine creation with a body vehicle for the purpose of our greater expression. Our objective in life is to be an expression of our spiritual nature, while managing our physical body.

ChakraKey is the Rosetta Stone of spirituality. As the Rosetta Stone provides us with the key for understanding the ancient Egyptian language, so ChakraKey provides us with the key for understanding our human spiritual design, and our purpose in life. The language is universal, given for all of humanity to grasp.

ChakraKey presents a ground-breaking new philosophy for life, based upon the reality of our human spiritual design, our connection to Mother Nature, and love. We now have science, objective reasoning, and a new framework of design to guide us on our path to enlightenment.

ChakraKey is a book for spiritual teachers and students who seek enlightenment through a greater understanding of our divine nature. We do better, when we know better.

About the Author Rick is a graduate from San Bernardino Valley College, a father, business man, creative inventor, spiritual seeker, writer, and friend of humanity. For the past 19 years, Rick has served as Vice President of MGN Online; helping to grow the organization into the most widely used News Graphic Company in America. As a creative inventor he has developed wave machines for waterparks, and holds a patent for a brake system used in small wheel vehicles. In 2002 Rick discovered the significance of love and began a study that would evolve into ChakraKey. In addition to MGN Online, Rick serves as President of the Love, Peace and Freedom Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit Foundation dedicated to building a more loving world through sharing spiritual truths as provided within the ChakraKey. Rick lives in Cardiff, CA. If you are inspired to help the cause of love, please share your donation of any amount. Love, Peace & Freedom Foundation is dedicated to producing educational materials covering topics covered within the ChakraKey. – for books, DVDs and ChakraSynergy T-Shirts – The Love Party is dedicated to promoting a Love-based philosophy for life based upon wisdom found within the ChakraKey.

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