The Kiss Me Chronicles
The Kiss Me Chronicles
Four Short Stories about Love
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Exploring the excitement of budding relationships and the wonder of falling in love, author Debbie Zello presents four short stories of romance in The Kiss Me Chronicles.
In “Kiss Me Long, Hard, and Often,” forty-six-year-old Julia Johnson is a divorced woman with a pest for a sister. Graysen Parker is a man who has lost the love of his life to cancer. Julia and Graysen meet on a dating site and begin to rediscover how wonderful love and romance can be the second time around.
The narrative “Kiss Me Senseless” features Stacie Martin who works in a school kitchen with the dreamboat principal, Colby Thompson. Accidently bumping into each other at a dance club, they find out that together through sacrifice, how great love can be.
Elizabeth Nowles, in “Kiss Me Again and Again,” moves to a big, old farm house in Vermont and finds the dairy farmer of her dreams in Scott Downey. Unfortunately, his ex-wife has other plans for Scott, and they don’t include Beth.
In “Kiss Me through Time,” Abby Dawson loves Civil War history so much she finds herself at the battle of Gettysburg. Dr. Ira W. Emerson loves Abigail, and so does Dr I. William Emerson. Whom does Abby love?
This heartwarming collection shows that love, often with challenges, is both real and possible.

Kiss Me Long, Hard, and Often-  At 8:00, I was in front of my computer screen opening up the first site my sister sent me.  The first part was easy.  Who are you? Age? What town do you live in?  Ok, maybe I can do this.  Then the hard questions.  What do you want out of a relationship?  Long pause.  Here goes: I want to be kissed long, hard and often.  I want to be held, cuddled and spooned.  I want someone to whisper words that make my toes curl.  I want to grab your butt and scream your name all night long.  Too much, I thought...

Kiss Me Senseless-  I go back to the table to talk with Marie.  She tells me that a new guy has come in a few times, and she thinks he is just perfect for me.  "He dances good, like you.  He is tall and has a beautiful head of hair; and eyes to die for. I don't want to forget about his body,he makes my mouth go dry."  " Does he have a name?"  "I don't know."  I am dancing with a regular and I spin around, get push forward right into the arms of Colby Thompson, my new principal.

Kiss Me Again and Again- "The look that was on your face last week when you saw me mowing your lawn and then later when I was wraped in the towel is a look that I am familiar with.  I had the same look on my face when I saw you in that so called bikini.  I am only going to say this once.  I am interested in you.  If you want to act on that look all you have to do is ask."  He opened the door, walked out and left me at the table.

Kiss Me Through Time-"Have you given any thought to a service I might provide at your hospital tent Dr. Emerson?"  "I doubt that you would want to become aquainted with the problems that a doctor in the rear of an army faces."  "Aquainted?"  "Yes, I lance boils, pull abscessed teeth, clean out God forsaken ugly sores, and deal with personal illnesses that I know you would be offended by.  Dear lady, stay at your aunts and do your embroidery."  I know that I am in 1863 and should act like I am but he just plucked a 2012 nerve.

Debbie Zello and her husband, Bob, have two children and live in Cheshire. She and her family have traveled extensively throughout the United States with a special interest in historical places. Debbie is an avid reader and story teller.


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