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After the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union disintegrated, David Garvey, a Manhattan international lawyer, built a hugely profitable loan-sharking operation in Russia and nearby countries in Eastern Europe. David’s fund quickly amassed large pools of collateral for high-interest loans – home and apartment mortgages as well as business and personal collateral. Seeing all of these financial instruments as leverage for getting around biting international economic sanctions, the Iraqis looked for ways to steal them from David’s Königsberg Fund – first by co-opting his syndicate of bank lenders and then by attacking David and his family. Sparked by innovative technology imagined and patented by the author, this fast-moving thriller plays out in the streets and courtrooms of Manhattan and Northern and Eastern Europe.

PRAISE for Goshawk:

“A complex international banking thriller that keeps the pages turning.”
-Tim Green, New York Times Bestselling Author of American Outrage and pending Unstoppable

“McPheters has crafted a fast-moving international thriller that skillfully uses new technologies he is inventing in his other life as a well-known Connecticut entrepreneur and guru of holographic technology… this is a fun and fast read.”
-Matthew Nemerson, President & CEO Connecticut Technology Council

“Goshawk” keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters are richly developed, the story tightly woven – a must for thrill seekers.”
-Rochelle Carrington, President & CEO Second Wind Advisory Group

“Goshawk” soars and dives through the mosaic of international finance and intrigue. This thriller’s hero, David Garvey, a wealthy and surprisingly ethical Wall Street lawyer, embarks on a scheme to start a business of lending money to former Eastern Bloc citizens, only to discover he has unseen business partners out to take what he has created. The author’s own experience as a Wall Street lawyer and financier guides us expertly above and below the treacherous world of greed, power, and money. In Garvey’s own words, “trust no one but yourself.”
-Steven B. Beasley, Financial Advisor of a Wall Street firm

“Doug McPheters does a fantastic job of providing the reader with a glimpse of what it would be like to fly a super-advanced airplane; his description of the Goshawk’s maneuvering capability is very realistic and puts the reader in the cockpit with David Garvey.”
-Retired Air Force and commercial pilot

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The author is a member of the New York Bar and has practiced international banking and commercial law in Manhattan for decades. A graduate of Yale College and Penn Law School, he lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He served as a commissioned officer in the US Atlantic Submarine Force.
Privileged to read this imaginative thriller before publication - an exciting combination of irreverent protagonists in the style of Michael Connelly and John Sandford with sophisticated financial and legal twists plus over-the-horizon technology. A compelling read!
I finished Goshawk on the plane and was riveted. Yes, riveted! The novel sustained my rapt attention throughout, the flow from scene to scene was brilliant. The writing is so vivid, the characters fully fleshed out and credible, even Ani's betrayal. What a superlative effort!

Great thriller, and more plot twists than you could shake a stick at. Loved the way McPheters incorporated all of his life's experiences.
Tom Hughey 
A true page turner that would make a great movie. Highly recommended.
chris kinney 

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