Common Management Challenges and How to Deal with Them
Common Management Challenges and How to Deal with Them
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Today’s management environment is filled with a wide variety of challenges, making it difficult for managers to stay focused on achieving their goals. In Common Management Challenges and How to Deal with Them, author Ronald Hill identifies solutions to common management challenges based on his real-life management experiences as well as challenges hundreds of his consulting clients have experienced.

Relying on more than thirty-five years of experience in the business world, Hill recounts the plethora of challenges he has encountered and the ways that he resolved them, offering valuable insight on techniques to enhance personal management success. This guide introduces the concept of the “vital view,” breaking each management challenge into three important key points. It shows how the “power of three” can help managers to stay focused on the most vital aspects of managing and winning.

From learning the art of delegation to running effective meetings to conducting performance reviews, Hill offers proven solutions that have been effectively implemented and tested in a variety of organizations and have resulted in increased performance.

The lessons I learned during my professional career have all been invaluable and based on real life situations I have had to face.  In addition, during my management consulting years, I was able to witness and assess hundreds of managers at all levels of the corporate ladder and realize that no matter the elevation on the corporate ladder managers can overlook opportunity, make fundamental mistakes, and quite often overlook their most important management tool: their staff.  This publication is based on those observations, several years of retirement and reflection on my career successes and failures and how to use this experience to enhance management performance.

When I retired, I took up the game of golf and soon realized it can be a very complex and frustrating sport.  After trying to master everything, and failing, I decided to focus on just three basic things: Grip, Posture & Alignment.  Once I mastered these three, I moved on to the next set of skills and I found my game steadily improving.

Upon further reflection, I remembered how each day in my management career had many issues to be addressed (some of which were vital for success and some not so vital) and numerous distractions de-focusing my attention from what was really vital.  Realizing, like golf, managing can also be a very complex and frustrating it occurred to me that perhaps it would be possible to focus management functions into three basic concepts forming a management foundation. When I applied this thinking to the general topic of management, I realized that management also has three key activities: Planning, Organizing & Implementing.  Mastery of these basics provides a solid foundation for the mastery of other aspects of management.  On the flip side, if you don’t master these basics, your management career will be an exercise in frustration.

Dr. Hill has achieved success both academically and professionally. After enlisting in the US Coast Guard, he was one of three (out of over fifty) recruits selected to attend electronics technician school, where he finished first in his class. During his four-year Coast Guard enlistment, he advanced six ranks, from seaman recruit to first-class electronics technician.

Upon completion of his Coast Guard enlistment, Dr. Hill obtained magna and summa cum laude degrees in electrical engineering (bachelor and master of science), a PhD in engineering science (specializing in surface physics), and an MBA. His MBA was obtained from the University of Portland in one year with a 4.0 grade point average while working full-time.

During his professional career, Dr. Hill has worked as a design engineer, manager of software development, product marketing manager, VP engineering, VP corporate development, VP European operations, VP worldwide sales and marketing, president and CEO of public and private companies, and founder, president, and CEO of a successful management consulting firm with several hundred clients over a twelve-year period.


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