Saving Superman
Saving Superman
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“Saving Superman…provides a fine psychological novel…a versatile, changing story that closely examines a child’s powers of survival and adaptation.”
D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR

It is 1956 when ten-year-old Pete Martin runs away from home—straight into a violent storm. As lightning and thunder crack all around him, Pete seeks shelter in a dilapidated shed. But as he approaches the dark building, he suddenly realizes he is not alone.

Jake, a homeless veteran who has carved out a meager existence in the shed, helps Pete warm up and soon discovers that the boy is facing many challenges. Pete’s baby brother died at birth, his father left home, his mother slashed her wrists, and he flunked his grade at school. As Pete confides in his new friend, he learns that Jake struggles with his own internal demons, memories that cause terrifying nightmares and continue to haunt his daily life. But Pete has no idea that he will, very soon, set out on a journey to uncover evil memories lurking in his own past—secrets with the power to either reunite or destroy his entire family.

Saving Superman is a tale about love, forgiveness, and the bond between a young boy and a troubled man as each bravely faces the inescapable cruelties of life.

By the time I looked back, Jake had pulled himself together and started wiping dishes off with a dirty towel. He made a serious expression when he saw me.
“We need to talk,” he said.
I sat down.
“If I have a nightmare, you can’t touch me, okay?”
“Okay.” I shrugged.
“Listen, Pete! This is important. Do you promise?”
I didn’t understand what was so darn important, but the promise didn’t sound that hard to keep. “Okay, I promise.”
“On your life?”
His tone of voice scared me and captured my attention. “You’re gonna kill me if I touch you?”
“Only in a nightmare—the kind where I’m up walking.”
“Like earlier?”
“Yeah, like today.”
I recalled how he’d screamed and hit his head. “You’re crazy, then?”
His jaw muscles clenched, but then he sighed. “Probably so. That’s why you mustn’t touch me.”
There was so much pain and sadness in his eyes, I nodded my head and said, “I promise on my life.” After that, he let me be.

Kathleen Sales is a retired psychiatrist who worked for nearly forty years in the rural counties around Knoxville, Tennessee. Since retiring, she writes, rides horses, gardens and visits nursing homes with her rescue dog, Chico.


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