Fertilizer ’tween My Toes
Fertilizer ’tween My Toes
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Despite the hard knocks of life, Marshall Rowland, a true country boy from Georgia, somehow managed to find fame and a little bit of fortune through hard work, gambles with fate, and a love of country music.

In his autobiography, Rowland begins with stories from his childhood during 1930s Georgia that detail the heartbreaking day when his mother was taken away; his subsequent move to a rural area, where he shoveled cow manure out of the barns; and the day when he first met little Henry Wiggins, the boy who first introduced him to country music. He had a challenging upbringing and minimal formal education, but he still managed to find success and happiness within the world of country music. He followed Ray Charles in a hillbilly band, became a disc jockey, and spent an evening with Elvis when he was sixteen—all events that eventually led to a career owning several radio stations throughout Florida and Georgia.

Fertilizer ’tween My Toes is the inspiring, true story of how a country boy with little education and no parental guidance achieved financial success, discovered happiness, and, most importantly, survived his life’s most challenging moments.

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Marshall Rowland was born in Brunswick, Georgia. Without parental guidance and barely any formal education, he achieved much success as a radio station owner and concert promoter. Now widowed, Marshall currently lives in Florida.


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